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Author Flashing/unlocking a Spiro
aka Dus
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Posted: 2011-12-14 10:55
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Hi there,

I got a free Spiro from Orange and I want to use it with a SIM from another country so that I can be available on that number over extended periods of time when I need to be.

What's the simplest way to get it unlocked or flashed? I already tried a few dodgy high street unlocking places in London but they claim they don't have the software to do it. And anyway, I figured if they can do it then surely I can too!


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From: Bulgaria
Posted: 2011-12-14 16:34
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Hi, You can try this service for debranding and flashing the firmware. It's very easy and for free. Good luck[....]se/spiro-w100/debranding-flash
For unlock use this[....]lock-password/flashing-debrand
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