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Author Simple Camdriver for k850
K850 Blue
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From: Bulgaria
Posted: 2011-11-16 15:45
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This is a very simple and easy to use point and shoot camdriver.
It keeps the whole original functionality of the camera and only enhances it.
This allows shooting of almost everything without additional settings.

Important changes:

  • Lower (down to 1s) shutter speed for all scenes except sport
  • Higher (down to 1/30s) shutter speed for the sport scene
  • Lower (down to 1s) shutter speed for the twillight portrait scene with flash
  • Higher (1/5000s) shutter speed for all scenes with flash except twillight portrait
  • Hue and saturation tuned to get more accurate and vivid colors
  • Manual flash control for all modes and scenes
  • Clean syntax and no comments to speed up loading and work

My recommendations:

  • Auto AF light
  • No stabilizer
  • Macro focus allowed
  • No flash
  • ISO speed fixed at 100
  • Spot mettering

Credits to all other modders whose work helped me learn everything I know.
Special thank to deddot and witchking for their realy great ideas and work.

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K850 Blue
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From: Ella Hilir-Indonesia
Posted: 2011-12-15 02:22
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wow.. its been really long time since my last visit .. Never thought there still development on K850 camdriver.. nice job.
C901 Peach
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From: VietNam
Posted: 2011-12-15 05:06
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here is my camdriver with best color in auto and more manual functions
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