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Posted: 2011-10-03 20:44
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Sorry for my bad english

I have a c903 and I always find that c903@w715 doenst turn on. I tried flashing only w715 main (left c903 fs), and to my surprise, phone turned on and "worked". BUT keys messed up (left softkey does nothing, activity does walkman, power button now is the button of photo/video, volume keys got reversed, 9 is 8 and 8 is 9).
The lighting of the screen got bizarre (one half is brighter than the other half), speaker doesnt work, accelerometer was inverted, led flash (in service menu) lights the camera button, and camera works but pictures when saved are distorted.
I did gain more options in the media center (more filters in music, sensme) so that part of walkman works.
My question is, this failures are fixable by patching or copying files from 715 fs?

P.D Also flashed to w995 but that losed camera completely.
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