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Author Nokia N9-00 abandoned. Nokia N9-01 emerged
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According to DeviceLeak himself, Eldar Murtazin of mobile-review, Nokia will not release the Nokia N9-00 we have seen spy photos of earlier
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Several blogs read a tweet by Eldar that that the Nokia N9-00 would be abandoned even before it saw the daylight. The N9 is not officially announced, so the device could just have been a one of a kind prototype. Today Mr Murtazin claimed that a new N9-01 smartphone with a much larger display was in his possession for a couple of hours. He did not say much about the device, but the unit he had in his posession had a very poor battery performance where after one hour usage only 50% of the battery capacity was remaining. The speed was Ok but the user interface was strange. Strange as in MeGoo? Could this be a tablet running MeeGo OS? 

The Nokia N9 was rumored to run new MeeGo OS on the Intel Moorestown platform. If we have to guess what caused all this confusion, the previously leaked pictures could be the Nokia N9-00, but the technical specifications for a N9 with a 1.2 GHz Atom processor core which we mentioned earlier could be for the Nokia N9-01.

Nokia N9-01 Tablet

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) opens in 3 weeks. We will know for sure if any of these rumors are true or not during this event. We will of course be there and cover the most important happening of the year for the mobile industry.

These are the leaked N9 (-00) photos we posted earlier:

Nokia N9

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