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Posted: 2011-01-21 16:33
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Hi all, I have recently replaced the digitizer on my genio touch after it smashed when I dropped the phone, After fitting all was well, touch screen worked well and couldnt find any problems at all.

However the next day 3 very thin black lines appeared horizontaly across the display and there was what looked like water between the the digitizer and the lcd screen, although the phone has been no were near any water,this mark is about 3 cm in diameter but doesnt appear to make any difference to how the phone works.

Since the first black lines appeared another 3 have shown up (1 at a time) so there is now 6 lines in total all within the top 1cm of the display.

Does anyone know what may have caused this and what the mark could be as i`m 100% certain no water has been near the phone.
also willthe black lines keep appearing and making there way down the screen?

Many many thanks in advance for any help on this subject.

Kind regards
nikki x
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