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Author Different kinds of Sony Ericsson G705 LCD screens?
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Posted: 2010-10-13 06:42
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As the title implies, I need to ask if there are varying kinds of Sony Ericsson LCD screens for the G705 or if there are variations in models made.

Nearly 6 months ago I bought a Sony Ericsson G705 phone off eBay that only needed a new LCD screen. Well I purchased a screen off eBay and was good to go except for a few minor issues...

1.) The LCD screen had a thicker screen/border than the original so I had to mod it by taking off the white border around it.
2.) The ribbon that connects the LCD screen to the G705's keypad wasn't aligned correctly causing it to disconnect from the keypad every so often. This too I had to fix by sticking some paper underneath where the connector sits.

It worked after the modifications but the end result is the keypad was raised causing issues where pushing the up key would force it to push the left key too. Unfortunately after awhile the screen stopped working likely due to the fact the different layers were separating. I gave in and bought a new screen from an online dealer elsewhere just to get scammed in the end with a broken LCD screen which they refused to replace claiming I cracked it. So now I've purchased a new screen of eBay yet this one has issues too, it's thinner than the first one I got, but has the same problem where the ribbon doesn't appear to be aligned correctly either. This time however, I get some ugly dead pixels in the lower left corner of the screen and the rest is completely jumbled with white lines going through it.

I've already contacted the seller for an exchange and am about to lose all hope getting this phone working. Anyway, back to the topic. Do the screens in the G705 vary from region to region or between versions? When I got it I found the phone was from HongKong (firmware was HK anyway.) though the manual and included paperwork suggested it was from France. The screens I have purchased seemed to have varying differences between either the thickness is too wide, the ribbon doesn't fit the correct position, or some other incompatibility. I bought this phone because I wanted a project I could be proud of and save a little money yet this has nearly costed me the amount of if I had just bought a phone new...
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Posted: 2010-10-20 10:06
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I had a similar experience when I ordered replacement screens for my k850 off ebay. Usually they we're thicker but most stuff was in the right place. Although the screen was no where near the same quality as the original.

I'd say that you we're just victim of poorly manufactured unofficial spares. If you went to a repair centre you should be able to get an official one.
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