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Author xperia x2 users try this! please send me feedback if you encountered the same issues. thanks.
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Posted: 2010-08-10 11:13
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Message below is an email the one i sent to SE global and support team here in the Philippines.
Please let me know if you encounter the same issues.

"Please resolve the issues I raised over and over to your Accredited Service Centers here in the Philippines namely MemoXpress and Semicon. I already escalated a lot of issues but they were not able to fix all of it and they just replaced my phone with new Xperia X2 phone not just once but twice. Unfortunately, some issues are still open and havenít fixed yet. See issues and recreational steps below.

1. Backlight is ON even the phone is turned OFF

Keep open any media file (i.e. picture, video, so on) >> Turn the phone off >> Backlight is still on

2. Battery is drained when the battery is removed and inserted it again

Turn the phone on >> Turn it off >> Remove battery >> Insert battery >> Turn the phone on >> Battery is drained

3. BUG: Option button is enabled but no option/s is/are displayed

Click Start >> Settings >> Home >> Items (Tab) >> Date >> Options >> No option/s is/are displayed

4. Low Performance! Always hang up!

I've tried the step below and the phone hung up. Do it again if it doesn't work.

Try to play any videos >> Do not close the Windows Media Player >> Open other application (i.e. Play Now) >> Close the recently opened application >> Windows Media Player is displayed >> The phone hang up"

In addition to this, SE support team and SE accredited service center here replaced my xperia x2 not just once, twice, thrice. They replaced my phone four times but I still encounter issues stated above.
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Posted: 2010-08-14 22:00
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The first two issues you have is bothering me too

The low performance on my phone was resolved by minimising the amount of content (programs AND files installed) on my 16 GB memorycard - since then I bought a X10 mini pro for music, videos and pictures and only use the X2 for surfing and mail it works like a dream!

SE is a better player for Video/music in my opinion than mediaplayer and AD2P works

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