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Posted: 2003-02-01 06:50
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i don't want to talk about its design i want to ask a question:

why does sonyericsson do different designs for same phones with different networks? this t606 is the same as the t608 but with cdma, why didn't they make them look the same? same for t300/t306 and t310/t316. it looks like this nokia strategy of launching at least three designs for each phone (i mean 7210/6610, 8310/6510 etc...).

i don't think they do it in order to distinguish them because for example t300 and t306 have different networks but same design. same for t310 and t316.

i wonder if t610 will have the same keypad structure as the t608/t606 (and with integrated camera).

btw you can see the t606 in mobileburn.

how avantgarde!
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