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Posted: 2010-02-09 11:03
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Here’s the fashion cell phone follow-up with joint effort of Giorgio Armani and Samsung. In our mind, a high-street fashion label phone is always perceived as all about the statement and little about the functionality. However this time, after reading the spec of B7620: 5MP camera, 800 MHz processor with dedicated graphics accelerator, Slide-and-tilt full QWERTY...You may probably change you mind.

What’s inside? The phone, a charger, two batteries, a data cable, a handsfree set, genuine leather pouch for carrying the phone, charger box, a pouch and a stylus.

With the solid metal front and a large 3.5” AMOLED resistive touchscreen, it is nothing special and just meets the current trends. Looks similar to HTC Touch Pro2 but 10g lighter than it. Actually, the most eye-catching part is the gem key which is getting you the Samsung custom Main menu and opening the Task manager upon a longer press.

On the top of the phone is the Work and Leisure key that toggles stuffs such as your homescreen widgets, wallpapers, message, etc. The speaker is just next to it.

The microSD card slot and the volume rocker are on the left side of the phone. The phone has 8GB of internal storage but you can still expand the memory with the microSD card. Cool~

On the right side of the phone, it hosts the microUSB port, the HOLD key and the camera shutter key.

The QWERTY keyboard is quite impressive with its golden base and black keys that look quite MacBook inspired. And you will be happy to work with it.

Here is the QWERTY keyboard closed up.

Here is the Reset hole. This is my first time to see the Reset hole that located on the back of the phone.

At the back of the phone, we find the 5MP camera with flash. The back cover surface is in a textured pattern that seems totally fingerprint resistant.

Samsung has already shown us how well they can personalize OS with the Omnia II. But this time is something different here, the B7620 runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional whereas Omnia II runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Here’s the main menu in screen 1 which indicated by the top bar. The main menu of B7620 houses up to five separate screens where you can place applications.

Same as the Omnia II, it has neat task manager with cool graphics. You can choose to end a task or switch to it. It's also capable of showing all the currently running system processes.

B7620 comes with Opera Mobile and supports both 3G and Wi-Fi. As a whole, nothing has been improved here.

The Samsung Giorgio Armani B7620 looks like quite a promising, WinMo 6.5 powered smartphone with a high-street fashion label. We may impress by its outlook with all-golden design. Or get down to the functionality, it is just similar to Omnia II in both hardware and software beside the QWERTY keyboard, the business device can work with multi-tasking, 8GB internal memory and with QWERTY keyboard onboard. If the band name Armani is taken off, it seems to be another higher end phone from Samsung.

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