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Posted: 2010-01-27 10:07
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Hey, ive got a Sony Ericsson C510 from a friend who bought it off ebay. Basically when my friend was sold this phone (45) she was advised that it needs a new batt. So she managed to get hold of one but it isnt an official sony ericsson batt, and it will not work. the only difference in the original and the replacement is a little mini strip at the top of the battery to the right of the connectors/interface, which the replacement one doesn't have. Also, if i take the battery out entirely and just have it connected to the charger it wont switch on, neither will it switch on with either battery while plugged in. My own sony ericsson works without a batt connected to the mains so im wondering weather or not that A - The phone is in need of a bit more than a batty or B - Its designed not to switch on without a working official battery...

Also, is there any way i can test to see if power is getting to the batt via the phone? ie using a voltage tester on the battery connectors?

I would appreciate any help.
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