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Author Water damaged W960 Big Problem! help needed!
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Posted: 2009-10-24 22:24
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My W960 ended up getting nice and clean like my clothes in the washing machine =[

so i left it for days, dried it and it booted up but then i forgot to stick my sim in. Turned it off put my sim in and turned it back on again, and then it didn't boot up properly. a week later I then updated it, booted it up and forgot to leave my sim in the phone ( i took it out and stuck it another phone), it didnt boot up properly again.

when i turn it on, the backlight comes on, then after a while will give a short vibrate then nothing. I know the screen isn't screwed because even now when i send it into the mode the update requires then screen flashes blue like it should. I have so much information and pictures and stuff on my 8GB memory and i really would like to get to it.

Still updating it is no problem.

I thought the problem could of been the battery but when i take it out and use the mains power to boot it up same problem.

I thought the sim my be the problem however when trying to boot it up without a sim it doesn't boot properly.

I'm sure its not the screen because its work before and still flashes now.

I would like to know if i can still recover this phone, and if i cant then get my 7/8GB's worth of data.

just need help
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