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Posted: 2009-05-14 22:51
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My old z1010 just died one day. I watched the clock on the outside screen and a a lot later it still showed the same time. Then I opened my phone and tried to turn my phone off and restart but keyboard did not work. I removed the battery and I put the battery back and now the phone did not turn on. When I put charger on then red light turns on.
Problem is I do not care so much about this phone but I have there a lot of phone numbers and code memo codes that I need.

Is it easy to repair or how is it possible to get numbers and code memo out?

All help is welcome!

Probably this problem is already somewhere here in forums but I could not find and any link is welcome.

Thank you!
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Posted: 2009-05-14 23:44
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if you can, try with another battery... otherwise you probably can't do much about it... Z1010 did have quite alot of problems with faulty hardware causing it to die...
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