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Author Phone theft in Ngr.
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Posted: 2009-04-03 08:52
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Perpetrators enjoy their inglorious act of stealing mobile phones in Nigeria. Twice have I been a victim. The criminals discarded the owners sims & inserted theirs. FG & service providers have the responsibily to blacklist stolen phones so as to curb this ugly trend.
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From: Nigeria
Posted: 2009-04-04 13:28
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Phone theft is common all over the world, in which lots of those stolen phones are refurbished and brought to Nigeria for sale! There is little the FG can do, even with the registration of IMEI numbers to block the phones. Most nigerians are too lazy to put a phone lock on thier phone(s) to at least put the thief to the task of unlocking the phone! That is why u can go to any busy junction and see someone offering to sell a freshly stolen phone for N500 without the charger or receipt. Asking someone reluctant to put a phonelock to register thier phone either online or at some office would have low yeild. In the most typical case, if u advise some one to register he most likely will retort "Are you praying for my phone to be stolen!!!"

The best solution lies in theft prevention. Once bitten, twice as shy. As you were bitten twice, that makes u quadruple!
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Posted: 2009-08-24 17:56
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hmmmmmmmm it true..
"Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid,that shall not be known"
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Posted: 2009-08-27 00:20
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Pls guys ,i am having problem in configuring my Nokia E65 with MTN network to give me opportunity to browse free with opera mini 4.2 pls help
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