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From: Barcelona
Posted: 2009-01-27 18:36
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I am fed up with wires and tangled I commute for 2 hours and a half every day I am thinking of buying some headphones with NO wires. Good quality for music, small, lightest possible and to macth my w980 and future w705,
Would you be so kind as to recommend me any?
Thanks ,)
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Posted: 2009-01-28 02:37
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Absolutely no wires, not even on the headset, i've heard fairly good things about the Motorola H9. I was going to get them before i saw the DS970. Very small though, could work against it. I believe it is A2DP due to the past interest but i honestly can't remember.

Or maybe the Sony DR-BT50

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Posted: 2009-01-28 02:57
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Well, I've heard the Motorola S9 isn't that great for music. I have the Motorola HT820 and Sony DR-BT21, the former has slightly better bass but has a disturbing hissing sound while the latter has very weak bass and irritatingly sharp highs. The current setup that I'm using and am satisfied with are the HPM-77 earpiece with the DS205. These are the best I've used so far, coupled with my T700 with W902 acoustics.
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Posted: 2010-12-29 13:07
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Any suggestions on a good vocal mic that can also be used as a room mic on high gain guitar cabs?

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Posted: 2010-12-29 13:24
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This is the best design on stereo headphones that I have ever seen.

Wireless Stereo Headphones HBH-IS800 Click here
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Posted: 2010-12-29 16:51
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i've been using this for over a year... Philips SHB9000... a perfect partner for my W910i.
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