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Posted: 2008-12-23 15:28
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i use my cell phone one handed as much as possible i drive a truck so keep that in mind when you read this review. i have to have full function with one hand.
Samsung 309

The samsung 309 is a slick looking little phone with 2 screens. one screen on the outside one on the inside. When it folds out it comes to life. The color screen on the inside has pretty good resolution so pictures comes across very sharp even on the bumpiest highways at high speed : ) I liked the video camera it would take good video even in low light conditions.
The audio on the phone is pretty rich a good sound for the small package.

The buttons are a little close together for sending emails.
The still camera didn't seem to be very focused.
The menus that you have to go through to get email and surf are VERY long plus it is almost impossible to do this one handed.
video playback is a little cumbersome due to the afore mentioned menus

Overall i didn't like the phone because of my specific needs, I would rate it a 5 others might rate it an 8.
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