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Author Samsung INNOV8 or Nokia N96?
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Posted: 2008-12-14 07:43
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i guess thats the problem with the os9.3, because i too get that sometimes...not sure tho...
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Posted: 2008-12-14 16:09
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Yeah I guess time will tell. Theres always problems when they roll out a new os I remember the n91 was barely usable lol.
Ive still not done much with it yet I need to get some sat nav software going on it etc see how the phone operates in the real world.

Just found my first annoying thing (well it cant all be positive can it lol)
samsung appear to have left out the option to add videos as ringtones. I remember the n95 8gb was able to do this after one of the firmware updates it had. I doubt FP2 has this option disabled can anyone confirm if the n96 allows this as my mate has sold his so cant check.
It just feels like a little step backwards and i get the feeling it could have been left out because the samsungs video defaults to landscape when played so does suit a videotone portrait layout.

Another thing is ive yet to get the DLNA thing to connect to my wifi. Its certainly not as straight forward as nokia's wifi wizard!.

Ive also turned the brightness down on the screen to minimum as the battery appears to drop at an alarming rate with hardly any usage of the phone. It definately cant stand up to the n95 8gb in this area.
I just hope it can handle being used for video as this used to drain the n95's battery quite quickly.

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Posted: 2009-01-13 09:07
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I have had the fastest changed handphone of my life which is the Innov8 8GB.

The phone is fantastic and all, BUT!!

It can never handle contacts in excess of 1,000. Confirmed by the technicians when my phone hung several times. They upgraded the firmware everytime I synced and it hung. They then changed another new unit for me and it was the same story. This goes for the 16GB as well, same problem. Now they are going to give me a full refund.

So those of you who have in excess of those number of contacts, LAY OFF!

Othewise, a fantastic phone very solid and much better feel than the N96.
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Posted: 2009-01-13 13:32
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Well I never new that
I dropped mmine recently ands scratched the screen maybe i cud fill the contacts and get an exchange hehe!!!
Yes the phone is very solid but there are a few niggles which are starting to annoy me and make me think maybe I shudda gone for the n96

1. The lack of music controls on the phone or on the headset. (I plugged the remote headset of my old n95 in which works for audio but not the controls sadly) I ride a bike a lot and its a risky buisness pulling the phone out on the move to change tracks.

2. Audio volume is useless compared to the n95 8gb i had thru headphones and speakers its just not loud enough. The omnia has a secret menu to turn everything up shame the innov8 doesnt have one. This is something I just took for granted would be the same as my trusty N95 and the fact that its not feel like a step backwards.

3.The video quality just isnt as good as the n95 8gb. Its just not quite as sharp or smooth. Having recorded something stood in the same spot the n95's video looks closer is this because it has a lower pixel count. The innov8 just looks like your stood further away. This maybe fixable in a firmware update but where is it.

4. Which brings me neatly to firmware updates. Its had one so far which admittedly fixed the battery but what about all the other bugs? and alto the battery life is better the innov8 isnt my main phone and I fear if it was it couldnt handle a dayas worth of normal useage its just before the update it didnt even last a day with minor useage.

5. As its doesnt really appear to have hit the mainstream and doesnt appear to be available from many if any operators in the uk unless you go thru the CPW. Its not been possible for me to order a replacement front as Ive scratched my screen from anywhere not ebay or mobilefun.

I just think in hindsight for everyday use the n96 with the music buttons and remote on the headset would have suited my everyday needs even tho the n96 does feel cheaper built and doesnt have as high a pixel count.

Im waiting for a screen protector to come for my innov8 to hopefully hide the scratch and I may trade it for a N96 or an N85.

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Posted: 2009-02-26 14:49
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here a comparison between the Innov8 and the N96. It should help you:[....]-n96-vs-samsungs-i8510-innov8/
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Posted: 2009-02-26 16:59
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Hated every samsung i've ever owned, that UI is just too ugly.

Surley just wait for the N86?
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Posted: 2009-02-28 08:09
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After using my K850 for over a week while my N81 had gone in for the flex ribbon in the slider that was loose i also realised how much i take the Music keys on both my N81 and its headset for granted,extremely happy to have it back,also got to play with a friends N96, it realy does feel cheaply built and not as solid as my N81 BUT still a very good device, the camera button could have been better, so could have the keys,theres quite a bit of light leakage around the music,dpad and soft keys, software wise the N96 is realy good,not as fast as my N81 or N79, but its still not too bad, its realy lite as well, so comfortable to hold and the screen is excellent, as far as i know the N96 can outlast the N95-8gb at playing Movies, Music etc. . . .battery life wise, but the N85 maybe the safer option, but i think N96 would be best if you listen to a lot of Music and watch a lot of Movies.
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