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Author Apple unveils the 3G iPhone
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From: Slovenia
Posted: 2009-07-30 17:20
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Sorry for changing the direction in which this discusion was going..

I could really use an advice right now

I bought a cheap iPhone 3G 16GB white yesterday,.. It was in really good condition and I was really happy about it.

When i got home, first thing i did was a fresh restore and activation via iTunes.

When i tried WiFi it found no hotspots! First i did a reset of modem, router and then the phone.

Nothing helped,.. My friends iPhone 3G finds 2 networks, and is able to connect and surf through them..

I tried again today @ work.. we have at least 5 wifi hotspots here. iPhone says no wifi here! Again my friends iPhone finds 5,6 hotspots..

I believe this should of been a hardware issue. My phone is still under warranty but there is no apple presence in my country

Since the phone was bought in Italy i will probably take it there for repair / new unit. My main concerns are:
-how long will i be without my phone?
-will they actually fix my WiFi issue?
-i heard a lot of people saying they got their phones back in same condition as they sent it in for repair.. ?

Anyone had similar situation or knows someone who did?

Any help / advice would be much apreciated.
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Posted: 2009-07-30 19:47
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I had this same problem with my old 3g it was only about 2 months old. It used a wifi network once and then never consistantly got signal again. When I took it to the apple store genius bar they tried it out and as it didn't connect they just swapped it for a new iPhone out right. There and then whole process took 10 mins
Apple iPhone 4S
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Posted: 2009-09-11 10:58
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Bit unhappy about this -[....]e-encryption-policy-may-block/

Basically it means that any 3G (or 2G) iPhone upgraded to 3.1 may no longer work with your Exchange server, if said server is running Exchange 2007 and requires encryption. Previously they worked fine, but only - apparently - because the iPhone software was ignoring this encryption flag, because the device didn't support it. Now that the 3G S is out, and has the hardware to support encryption, Apple have decided to "fix" this "bug".

Right now it doesn't effect me in the slightest - my work server is Exchange 2003 and everything's working fine. But it's inivetable that at some point, the IT people will decide to upgrade, and some bright spark will decide to enforce the encryption feature to cover their backs, and one of the most used everyday features of my iPhone will become useless. The only solution to this will be to jailbreak and downgrade in some way, losing whatever functionality and security in the process, or upgrade at great cost to the 3G S. Bearing in mind that I (like many people) bought my iPhone in 2008 partly on the strength of its Exchange-compatible claims, to find that I may need to junk it in favour of a newer model to support Exchange 2007 is a bit of a bitter pill.

In reality I was probably always going to upgrade again at the end of my contract anyway (or at least once the successor to the 3G S is announced) but I just hate the idea that I now have to, due to some shennanigans on Apple's part.
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Posted: 2009-09-11 21:47
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Tell me about it.

I dont see any reason why the software cannot apply the encryption for the 3gs and not apply encryption for the 2g/3g as before 3.1.
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