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Posted: 2008-02-25 14:18
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About three weeks ago, my internet and e-mail access stopped functioning. Having rang O2 many times and enabled codes sent via text messages and internet, the situation has not improved. Here are the settings received from O2

Please find the settings below for 'SonyEricsson P1i GPRS WAP Pay Monthly settings':

Please note all steps must be completed to ensure the settings are correctly configured.
Please ensure that when entering 'O2' into the settings that the letter 'O' is selected and not a zero.

Setting up a new account.

1. Select 'Menu' (Tap icon).
2. Highlight 'Control panel' and select (Tap Open).
3. Highlight 'Connections' and select (Tap Open).
4. Highlight 'Internet accounts' and select (Tap Open).
5. Tap 'More', highlight 'New account' and tap 'Select'.
6. Highlight 'Data' and tap 'Select'.
7. Highlight 'Account name' tap 'Edit', enter 'O2 GPRS WAP' and tap 'Done'.
8. Highlight 'Address' tap 'Edit', enter '' and tap 'Done'.
9. Tap the box to place a tick in the 'Username and password required' box.
10. Highlight 'Username' tap 'Edit', enter 'o2wap' and tap 'Done'.
11. Highlight 'Password' tap 'Edit', enter 'password' and tap 'Done'.
12. Tap 'More'.
13. Highlight 'Proxy' and tap 'Select'.
14. Tap 'Use proxy server' box to place a tick.
15. Highlight 'Proxy server address', enter '' and tap 'Done'.
16. Highlight 'Proxy server port' enter '8080' and tap 'Done'.
17. Tap 'Save' twice.
18. Tap 'No' to the question about setting the account to a group.

Setting up a new group.

19. Tap 'More', highlight 'New account' and tap 'Select'.
20. Highlight 'Group account' and tap 'Select'.
21. Name the group 'O2 WAP' and tap 'Next'.
22. Tap 'Add new account'.
23. Tap 'O2 GPRS WAP' box to place a tick and tap 'Done'.
24. Tap 'Save', then tap the 'Groups' tab.
25. Tap 'More'.
26. Highlight 'Preferred group' and tap 'Select'.
27. Tap on the 'Preferred' box, hightlight 'O2 WAP' and tap 'Select', then tap 'Save'.
28. Tap 'Done'.
29. Tap the 'Back' arrow twice to return to the menu screen.

Can anyone help please?

Now, O2 is advising me to go to one of their shops, but I would prefer to get it sorted without having to make a journey.
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