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Author k510i totally dead? please help ?
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Posted: 2008-02-06 20:18
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well..... the story goes like this...
ive been reading about customizing our se phones for a while now
so i thought i could do it aswell..
i downloaded setool2lite..
tried to back up my GDFS first of all but it didnt work, i got a fatal error half way through the procedure...
as i read it i thought it had corrupted the main firmware file..
so i restored the main file..
no luck at all, the phone still doesnt switch on.. i get no response from it, i try to charge it, nothing comes up on the screen, its just dead.
i connect to davinci server with my k510i
here is the info that i received via davinci server..... (below)

(#) DaVinci Service Client v22.35
New device connected on USBF2
Device Identification Started...
Checking Files...
Found Partial Downloaded File. Trying To Continue...
Downloaded 42Kb In 1 sec
Downloaded 46Kb In 1 sec
Downloaded 155Kb In 1 sec
Downloaded 46Kb In 1 sec
Downloaded 155Kb In 1 sec
Downloaded 62Kb In 2 sec
Downloaded 62Kb In 2 sec
Downloaded 62Kb In 2 sec
Downloaded 62Kb In 2 sec
Downloaded 61Kb In 2 sec
Downloaded 63Kb In 2 sec
The IMEI of the product is:
Error! Failed To Start GDFS From ID Loader! Code: 0x04
Warning! SW , Lang, CDA Will Not Be Detected!
Model info:
Security info:
CID49 Red
Software info:
Unknown Unknown
Customization info:
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown

61204 1528 HAN_DB2010_FLASHLOADER_R2A007_CXC1326738
Identification Time - 00:01:08
Service Selection Started...
Error! Error loading MIDAS.DLL
No Scripts Avaiable For Your Device K510
Script Execution Started...
Execution Time - 00:00:00

so i guess with that k510 has no GDFS file, so it wont boot up....or go to the boot up precedure

what im looking for is somthing that will restore a GDFS file, the only thing is, i dont have my specific file for my phone to start with as i was try-ing to create a back up of this in the first place!!!!! grrrrr!!! (lol)
anyways, can you guys help me ??

many thanks, and hope to here from you soon.
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