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Author Nokia N82 Debrand & Update
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Posted: 2008-01-31 22:23
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The following software is required:

Nemesis Service Suite:

Nokia Software Updater[....]kiaSoftwareUpdaterSetup_en.exe

Note: The Nokia Software Updater suite that was shipped with my N82 did not actually support the N82, giving the error message "The phone model is not currently supported". This is solved by downloading and updating the suite to the latest version from Nokia's website.

Change the product code of the phone

1. Install the Nemesis Service Suite
2. Run the Nemesis tool and select the Magnifying glass to search for the device.
3. Select the "Phone Info" button and then click Read. Note down this number should you require it in the future to rebrand your phone.
4. Replace the current product code with the code for EURO-1 (in the UK) - 0549174.
5. Check the enable box and click the Write button.

Install and run the Nokia Software Updater

1. Install the new Nokia Software Updater program
2. Run the application
3. Update your software to the latest revision

Firmware Versions:


* Camera application:
o Improvements of 'Unexpected error…' probability when starting up with quick succession of camera lens cover open/close
* Music p_layer_ (Music p_layer_ stability):
o Fix for music p_layer_ freeze when operating app from accessory remote controller e.g. BT headsets, AD-54 etc.
* Map application:
o Reset fix when opening Map app from landmark app
o Long Map app closing time
o Address search in Chinese characters

- Initial Firmware
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From: Kamino (wish it would be Lund)
Posted: 2008-02-01 13:14
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thx anyway
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