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Posted: 2007-10-17 13:26
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This is probably one of the most useful apps I have

Spb Pocket Plus: Reincarnating the Legend (press release)

St. Petersburg, Russia — October 16th, 2007 — Spb Software House, the world’s leading Windows Mobile software maker, releases a new version of its legendary Spb Pocket Plus application. Spb Pocket Plus 4.0 works as a seamless extension of Windows Mobile, building on the natural strengths of the Microsoft platform, while dramatically enhancing the functionality.

In essence, this distinguished by Microsoft and award-winning product, is a long-awaited pack of features, called on to compliment the original Windows Mobile platform. Over a million users from all over the world have come to rely on Spb Pocket Plus for making their device experience run smoother with a set of convenient features, lacking in out-of-the-box mobile devices. In comparison with the previous versions, the new Spb Pocket Plus is smaller, yet richer in functionality, and is faster than ever before. Spb Pocket Plus teaches Windows Mobile Pocket PCs to support smart-scrolling, to adopt the multi-tab browsing ability in Internet Explorer, to employ a user-friendly Save/Open dialog, and to customize the Today Screen, facilitating fast access to favorite items and settings.

The Top Ten Spb Pocket Plus Novelties

  1. Reduced on-device program size
  2. Reduced memory consumption
  3. Faster than Spb Pocket Plus 3.2
  4. Smart scrolling
  5. Tabs in Internet Explorer
  6. Shortcut labels on Today Screen
  7. Multiple third-party Today plug-ins, placed into Spb Pocket Plus tabs on Today
  8. Fast-search in Internet Explorer
  9. New file Save/Open dialog
  10. Additional actions assigned to hardware button long-pressing

Spb Pocket Plus is an important product for Spb Software House, it was “the plus” that marked the company’s first major success on the global market for Windows Mobile software. Spb Pocket Plus was the first of Spb’s products to reach the number one best-selling position in the world. Today, with the release of Spb Pocket Plus 4.0, Spb Software House recognizes the input of millions of its users, who have generated thousands of ideas for improving the Windows Mobile operation system, leaving Spb Software House to select and realize the ones most inherent to a modern mobile device. To save visitors time and to facilitate faster introduction, the company’s website now offers video-tutorials, clearly demonstrating the advantages and the ease of using the new Spb Pocket Plus.

Pricing and Availability
Spb Pocket Plus is available in 14 languages; it is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Classic (with touch screen), all Windows Mobile screen resolutions are supported. A free, 15-day trial can be downloaded, or Spb Pocket Plus can be purchased for 29.95 USD, from Users of any 3.x versions of Spb Pocket Plus are welcome to upgrade to Spb Pocket Plus 4.0 for just 14.95 USD. According to Spb Software House upgrades policy, all Spb Pocket Plus users, who have purchased the product within the last 90 days, are invited to exchange the previous version of software for the newly released one, for free.

Further Information and Downloads
Further information regarding Spb Pocket Plus can be found at Spb website:
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