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Author Phones wanted - mostly asian spec and some euro spec
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Posted: 2002-12-01 22:27
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Nokia 8850 Gold
Nokia 6500
Nokia 6500 Cover
Acer Pro 80
Acer Kitty
Asus AGP100
Audiovox GX 398
Benq S830
Benq M770GT
Benq S630
Benq S620
DBTel 2017D / A
DBTel 2039
Drinit GSG1800
Fujiyama KT310
Fujiyama Hello Kitty
Fujiyama KT GSM
Funai 66GSM
GPlus K881
Giya S500
LG 500
Trium 110
Motorola T720 red colour
NEC 515
NEC DB7000
Nokia 8855 black colour
Okwap 166
Okwap I108
Okwap IP88
Palmax XG5
Sagem MY X3
Samsung SGH-T508
Samsung SGH-A508
Santec 636
Sanyo R588
Sendo J530
Sewon SG4000
Sewon SG2000E
Siemens S57
Telit GM822
Toshiba T530i
TransAsia T38a
TransAsia 31iA

Email me if u have. thank u. quantities under 50.
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