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Author Z310 short battery time?
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Posted: 2007-04-19 12:40
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Hi! I was wondering if anyone of you out there had problems with battery time with the SE Z310?
I was thinking that a simple/less function telephone should have good battery time?
but when I compare it with my k550 it is totaly worthless? the battery in my k550 lasts ~1 week but the Z310 I have to charge 2-3 times a week with less usage then my K550?

so is this problem only my Z310 or have anyone else had this problem?
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From: Kamino (wish it would be Lund)
Posted: 2007-04-19 17:21
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it couldbe a fw/hw bug or charger and to forget the battery. let the fone and battery check in se service, so they can tell u, whats wrong.
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