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Author Kyocera announces the One Seg W51K
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Posted: 2007-01-30 16:04
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Kyocera Corporation announced that it is to commercialize W51K, as a new model for KDDI’s au line-up.


W51K is a slim one-seg mobile phone that allows the user to enjoy the one segment broadcasting programs with its 2.7-inch large-screen W-QVGA liquid crystal display and powerful, high-quality sound. A front media key, located on the front of the handset, is for smart-and-easy operation of media functions such as one-seg and LISMO.

Additionally, the terminal can use the woofer-equipped desktop charger popular from W41K and W43K, which now also supports powerful and high quality sound of one-seg programs and LISMO video clips. The model is available in three colors: Mirror Orange, Cyano-Blue and Metal Silver. The surface of the terminal has undergone high-intensity color deposition processing to achieve a metallic texture, giving it a premium accent.

Support for one-seg mobile digital broadcasting, only 20mm thick - W51K supports one-seg mobile terrestrial digital broadcasting. Its body thick is 20mm, and excels in portability. The model uses a large-screen 2.7-inch W-QVGA liquid crystal display, and can be used as your personal TV whether you are at home or out of the house. The model achieves up to approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes of continuous viewing time. Additionally, up to 10 hours worth of programming can be recorded on a microSDTM memory card.

A front media key is positioned on the front of the W51K terminal in pursuit of user friendliness in order to smoothly operate media functions such as one-seg and LISMO. This feature makes it possible to perform easy operations such as changing one-seg channels and displaying subtitles with the key, even when the unit is closed with the LCD to the front. And when the unit is closed with the LCD to the rear, W51K can be used smartly as, for example, a music player and an EZ news flash browser.

Equipped with DBEXTM and BBEM3 to enjoy one-seg and LISMO with high-quality audio - W51K is also equipped with DBEXTM and BBEM3 for high-quality sound reproduction.

W51K uses a horizontal type charger which can also be used as a one-seg TV stand, and achieved realistic TV and music sound. The charger also enables users to enjoy high-quality audio for LISMO video clips.

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