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Author Huge problem with 3g phone (SE Z1010) need desperate help!
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Posted: 2006-10-26 21:08
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I have a huge problem with this freakin' many of you might allready know z1010 is the first 3g phone from SE thus might not preform so well nowadays.Orange recently introduced here in Romania the 3G network...until this i was very happy with my phone i had no trouble with it at all...i love it,but
after Orange did this came hell.Idk what's wrong but when i select the 2G network it bounces back to 3G in a matter of secconds even tough i manually select the other one.I did some documentation on this crap and i found out that the FW or smth did this and automatically select the 3G network as soon as it found it(developing error in short) so i took the liberty to change the FW to a newer one and it dosen't seem to fix it at fact it's worse (battery that worn off in 1 week now goes down in max 2 days...calls are somethimes impossible to make or recive...calls have extreme poor quality and somethimes end suddenly) it's hell!...i heard of some tip that " < * * < " opens up some network pannels wich can help you block the phone in a certain network...i was wondering if 2g and 3g networks have different codes thus helping me to block it on 2g!
I beg of you give me any tip to solve this as it has killed me for weeks!I'm desperate and need any type of help!Mail me at reply buzz shout whateva' just lend me a helping hand...i'm going out real early because of this! with anticipated thank i await reply's...bye!
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Posted: 2006-10-27 05:27
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I think the only way is to go back to the old 2G SIM card.

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