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Author Changes to the Esato forum rule
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Posted: 2005-12-02 03:47
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From time to time, I have to change the forum rule slightly because of repeated offences of some kind. I recently had to remove a couple of posts and instructed the moderators to do the same because of hidden referral ids in the web page address. The authors of the posts in question told me they did this because they wanted to help members find “bargain deals”.

I went over to the to add this point to the rules but discovered that the last point almost covered this subject. Section 6 says: “No advertisements in your signature. If you have a site and make money off of it, don't mention or put a link in your signature.”

I believe Esato have a very relaxed set of rules that everyone should be able to follow without too much trouble. The few relaxed rules may of course tempt someone to push them slightly. It could be various reasons why anyone would neglect them. Maybe because they are used to that nothing happens when they break them. Some might overlook the rules just to see how far they can go before a reaction from a moderator will take place.

The rule section saying that you not should put advertising in the signature has been there for a while. I know many of you link to your eBay pages in the sig. when you want to sell a phone or phone accessory. Selling your own phone isn’t a problem for me and is the reason why the market forums exist. It became an annoyance when some members create new threads filled with links to bargains/discount with the solely purpose of earning money from the clicks they receive from Esato visitors. I had to do something about it and chose to delete the threads and sending the involved members a PM and explain the situation.

As a result of these incidents, I have instructed the mods to remove what I consider “spam” posts. This is a difficult area to define and might upset some from time to time. A link to one once-in-a-lifetime-offer may be overlooked by us, but repeated occurrence from the same member will be dealt with properly.

I have said it before, but will say it again: I want Esato to be a place where people communicate, interact and are having a good time. It is not possible for me to please every member all the time. Some of you found Esato for the first time yesterday, and some have been her for years. Veteran members have different expectations than the newbie.
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