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Author Plain English Quran - Is there one?
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From: The Ummah
Posted: 2013-01-10 14:11
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true sister, jazakallah khayr
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Posted: 2013-08-28 17:51
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I know I'm a bit late, but I'll be glad to answer any Islam-related queries InshaAllah.
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Posted: 2018-03-18 07:25
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I just came across this old thread ... and I doubt many that have posted within are still frequent members of this site ... hopefully so as it always was a GREAT community of tech users that shared their lives openly. I loved that about Esato ... such less quarraling.

First round of quotes have me confused:


On 2005-08-10 15:29:55, PeterKay wrote:
The book has been revealed for mankind not just muslims, so anybody can read it and is welcome to. The only book not to have changed since the days of revelation and the book that you will find in any corner of the globe and in many muslims hearts.

You can go to any country in the world and if you ask for the Quran, they will give you the same copy that you will read at home or online.

No change can be made to a book that is Protected by Almighty God and this is a fact that no human can deny.

On 2005-08-10 18:37:10, goldenface wrote:
Won't some of its accuracy be lost if the Holy Quran is translated into another language?

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On 2005-08-10 20:08:11, 02 wrote:
yes it is possible... but not much... coz the statement and the meaning to give is the same.... no change of story, events, etc.... But the actual language written (arabic) in the Quran will remain the same as always to the original.

^ I had always believed that the Quran was NEVER to be changed (in Bold) as stated above and has always throughout time been kept as such until the recent years. In bold/Italics above I thoought the simple fact for translating the Quran from it's original language to any other in fact opens to "interpretation" which is a perception and personal (some things common not all) between people across our planet and thus can lead to be "rewritten" ... which is why there is so many versions of the Christian bible (the New King James version is what I was raised on until I was 13yrs old).

So I'm trying to understand how people feel about this as I learn more about this faith (without hurting feelings or feeling strange asking close friends that hold this faith dear to their hearts).

On 2013-01-10 14:05:28, muslimah wrote:

On 2005-08-10 23:43:41, slattery69 wrote:
that s what i was getting at since the quran is meant to be the dictated word of god unaltered.
yet all to often i see people acting in ways very different to the qurans teachings yet claiming to be muslim

Hi there
I'd like to clarify why there is so much difference within the muslims around the world...
Being muslim means we should follow the teachings of the quran...
BUT this is not enough by itself...
The quran only teaches us the do's and don'ts
It doesn't explain the HOW's
this is where the sunnah comes in... Which is basically what our prophet (peace be upon him) did and said.
We are told how to do things and how the prophet (peach be upon him) did everything in his life.
A lot of people unfortunately do not follow the sayings and teachings of the prophet (peace be upon him) thinking that following the quran is enough... Unfortunately they are wrong and may Allah guide them.
Once you follow the texts of the prophet (peace be upon him), you get the correct islam that muslims should strive to be followers of.
If you are interested in reading these teachings of out prophet (peace be upon him) then you should google BUKHARI and read the books of prayer, manners, women, money, ablution and EVERYTHING else

The "prophet" is mentioned but I'm not sure if sunnah is the name or the reflection of a prophet ... as the Quran, from what I've been told recognizes Jesus Christ a prophet as well, not the sun of "God" (Judaism/Christian/Catholic).
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Posted: 2018-03-18 12:44
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There is so much more complexity to the Quran and in order to truly understand it we should learn the Quranic Arabic, its different to the current Arabic. You won't necessarily lose anything in translation but you need to understand the Arabic to appreciate the beauty of the verses.

Even those who have studied the Quran for years and years may have different interpretations of what is written. Its easy to pick a verse and add your own interpretation to it which is what ISIS does in order to push a certain idea and this could be for the sake of causing mayhem but there are those who believe in their hearts that such and such is correct. The Quran was sent down as this, certain things are black and white while others are more grey areas but you then have to look at the examples of the prophets, the history and the climate during which the revelation was made. Its very complex and even after hundreds of years we all don't agree on certain things.

A simple example is with regards to the Quran saying that you can 'beat your wife'. Taking that verse alone you could have a field day but if you read on you are told that you can beat your wife but cannot leave a mark so what kind of beating would that be. Then you go through the examples that the prophets had given saying that to even slightly hurt your wife emotionally let alone physically is like cracking a priceless vase, you damage this beautiful object and leave a everlasting mark. Now, if you take this altogether you see that can't hurt your wife at all even before you get to this verse about beating your wife.

The Quran is indeed for all of mankind and not only Muslims, whatever God you worship you can still find wisdom in the Quran and depending on how deeply you study, there is an undeniable logic to what is written. You have to be careful what you read and the personal interpretations, they can lead you away and make it seem very convincing by giving lots of quotes from the Quran.
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