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Real time battery life

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Posted by krale
I have a question for all of you T68 users out there. What are your real time battery life times? I'm not talking about what the bloody status button says, but what are your real times. I never seem to get more then 70 hours out of this thing, and I'm not a heavy user at all.

I got the standard Li-polymer stuff that's like supposed to last for ages, but...

Just wondering if its just me, or not.

Posted by captainsm
I'm a very hevy user (about 125 kilos)

I get 5-6 days out of it with the phone off during the night. So i guess i get 80-100 hours. But i talk A LOT !

Posted by flaminglips
Mine last 4 only 1 day! Gues im a heavy user coz gprs here n my country is freee?

Posted by titanic
About 4 days, with nights off, and Bluetooth set to automatic all the time.

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