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Using P900 as a modem 4 laptop

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Posted by messlah
Hey all, ok I have configured my Phone with my laptop, installed using the dialup netowrking wizard etc.

I am connecting using the USB Cable connector you can purchase.

I am able to install the modem. Runs diagnostics fine.

I then go to click on shortcut for my ISP, enter in my details. On my phone it actually says dialing (ISPs number) on the P900 and dialing (ISPs number). Then I wait about 30seconds then I get:

Error connecting to ISP:

Openinging Port

Error 678: The remote computer did not respond. For further assistance, click More infor or search Help and Support Centre for this error number.

Firstly is there anyway to turn on the dial sound when the laptop dials using the P900?

Secondly am I missing something here? Looks like everything is working fine, (dialing etc) but the remote computer does not respond? And yes I have tried dialing to it using a normal phone line and it worked fine.

Do I have to have something setup with my Mobile Phone Service provider prehaps? (Vodafone)

Any help is much appreciated.

Posted by tranquil
A nearly identical case can be forund here.
It's easier for all if we keep this in on topic.

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