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Tips to care for your battery

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Posted by orang3

For many users, recharging their phone batteries consists of the daily routine of plugging in the charger, and then leaving it on for a couple of hours to juice up. However, depending on your battery type, overcharging or undercharging it could result in a shorter life.

You should also understand that due to the chemical processes involved, batteries deteriorate over time. After a certain number of cycles, the battery's maximum charge capacity drops to below 80 percent of its original capacity.

Battery type Number of charging cycles
Nickel cadmium (NiCd) 1,500
Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) 300-500
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) 500-1,000
Lithium-polymer (Li-Po) 300-500

Therefore, heavy users who recharge frequently may have to purchase new batteries after a short time compared to light users. However, not every battery will reach this number of cycles before starting to lose charge. For a battery to reach its natural life, proper maintenance is necessary. Batteries may look tough, but they can be inadvertently damaged.

There are several things you can do to maximize the useful life of your battery.

Breaking in
When you first get your battery or phone, you will need to break it in. It may be necessary to fully charge and discharge the battery three to four times before it will be able to make use of its maximum capacity. This is for all battery types.

The first time you charge the battery, the phone may indicate a false full charge after 10 to 15 minutes. This is normal. Unplug and plug the charger to "restart" the charging process.

If you wish to keep your batteries aside for a period, store them in a dry and cool place. Heat and nearby metallic objects can spoil the battery. As the batteries will self-discharge after prolonged storage, you will have to break the batteries in again before use. Having said that, don't leave your rechargeable batteries dormant for extended periods. Cycle them for a full charge and discharge every so often to keep it fresh. Batteries that sit idle for extended periods of time without charging begin tend to lose their ability to hold a charge and will self-discharge.

That thing called "memory effect"
If you do not fully discharge the battery before recharging it, gradually the capacity of the battery will be reduced. This is called the memory effect, and is due to the accumulation of gas bubbles on the cell plates.

NiCad batteries are especially prone to this problem. Therefore users should try to discharge the battery fully after each use, a process called conditioning. NiMH batteries are less susceptible to the memory effect, but even then you should condition them once every one or two weeks. Li-ion and Li-Po batteries are immune from the memory effect.

For optimal talk and standby time in the long run, it is recommended that you use original batteries with your mobile phones.

Most phones beep or display a "Battery Low" message to remind you that the battery will soon need to be charged or replaced with a charged one. If you are desperate to have the phone last just that extra minute longer, you can consider immediately switching to zero ring volume, zero backlight, non-vibration mode, etc. Switching off the phone for a short while can also prolong the remaining standby time when you next switch the phone on.

Posted by Wings_Talons
Thanks a lot Orang for the information. Very helpful. But I did read in a magazine that most of the chargers have a capacity to check when the battery is full and immediately stop charging once the capacity is reached. So I guess the question of over/under charging doesn't arise. Then again I don't know if all chargers have that function!

Posted by jorg47

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Posted by orang3
it is noting ... we share our knowledge here ...

Posted by Brimme
Yeah Thanks man very helpfull.

Posted by rudeboymcc
well i just piurchased a t68i and i charged it over night. the next day i pressed the volume key up and it said i had 189hours of standby time. what happened to the 390 hours?? and the next day, the phone was already on 100hours. all i did was playu one or two games na dtxt a few people. is the 390hours a lie??

Posted by way2funky

I had the same problem- got my phone a few weeks back- let the battery die before charging it and after teh first few charges you should be better- mine is at 320 hours after a full charge now.

Posted by stlblues
On average the battery indicator should show around 250 hrs standby time and 5-6 hrs talk time.

Posted by pfontes
I bought a t65 a week ago and i let the batery die every time, but the maxtime i've seen in the standby tima is 180 hours, is this normal?Do you think it's because the batery is new?
(I've already charged it 3 times)

Posted by FaithFree
Yeah, I noticed that when you buy it new (T68i and in fact most phones) you are advised to charge it for 16 hours solid... but it ceases charging automatically after a few hours.

It doesn't seem to have adversely effected mine so far.

Posted by decoy7
most phones dont cease charging after a few hours....they stop fast charging and start slow(trickle) charging.

Posted by FaithFree
Ooooooh.... pretty......

(Seen the light)

Posted by GRIFTER
Very useful and helpful, thanks a lot!

Posted by wapchimp
using different things on the phone will obviously drain batt life more - like IR, Bluetooth & GPRS etc - so 2-3 days (maybe less if ure female & talk alot) is about right for T68mie etc

Posted by orang3

i talk alot on my hp too ... my service provider provides free incoming calls ..

Posted by ewap8
Nice Tips. Thanks


Posted by orang3
good stuff shld be shared ...

Posted by vimto2000
Well my standby is 325hr now and a talk time 11.5hrs, and i've had mine for 2-3 months now. I've turned all GPRS off and all other features off.

Posted by john74
ive had the battery last me on my T68i for exactly 1 WEEK full,my personal record,with loads of use too

Posted by moonie

The standby time is also effected by the distance between you phone and the Station that you are connected to for the moment. Something else that affect the standby time is how the Station is configured on receiveing and transmitting. The Standby time they are talking about that the phone have is under the best possible circumstanses. You almost never get that standby in ordinary use.

You can see that how good signal you got on the phone affect the standby just by lookin on the standby time when it's fully loaded and you have full signal, then go somewhere when you dont have full signal and wait a couple of minutes so the standby time is updated and you will se that you dont have as much as before. But if you go back to the first place you will have longer standby again.

//Regards Magnus

Posted by Pink Lady
@orang: what a very useful information! Thanks :-) @*how long does it take before your t68i gets fully charged? Thanks in advance :-)

Posted by orang3
Pink---> i dont get you .. fully charge frm total flat batt ?? i think it is ard 4 hr ..not very sure .. i nv use till my batt flat .. eheh

Posted by Enrico
Semicon Philippines in Festival Mall told me when I got my T65 there that it is best not to fully drain the batteries in Ericsson phones. Unlike Nokia phones, which you are suppose to drain every now and then. Don't know why though

Posted by orang3
i dont know abt tht .. but i am too lazy to wait for it to be totally drain b4 charging ... it is such a hassel ..dont u think so ??

Posted by Aikonoklast
ANY Li-ion battery doesn't like being drained, not just Ericsson's.

Posted by orang3

Posted by ultimatemobiles

I just got my T68i yesterday, amazing phone! I charged it all day and when it had finished I unplugged it and it said it had 160hrs standby and 12 hours talktime.
Then I made a call, about an hour, send a few msgs and used infrared to send backgrounds etc, to my phone.
When I woke up this morning and now it says I have 9hrs standby time!
Is it that normal for a first charge?
Will it get better if I let it drain and charge it a few times?



Posted by orang3
you need not drain the batt ..

Posted by pirvel
I've just recharged my battery, and it shows 52 hours standby and 4h35m talk. When I turn it off and on, it's back to normal 305/5. Have anybody else experienced this? Just a SW bug?

Posted by orang3
it is like this .. like nokia hp .. when your hp is flat .. you off then on it back .. you can still standby for a few mins ..

Posted by orang3
it is like this .. like nokia hp .. when your hp is flat .. you off then on it back .. you can still standby for a few mins ..

Posted by orang3
it is like this .. like nokia hp .. when your hp is flat .. you off then on it back .. you can still standby for a few mins ..

Posted by ShibbyLicious
like moonie said the quoted time of 390hrs is based on many circumstances, its the manufacturers times

and do we know how they get these times !?


mr sonyericsson says that if u stand next to cell or even better a BSC and dont move dont receive a call dont make a call dont send or recive a txt dont use GPRS dont use bluetooth basically just dont touch the phone at all, and that it be in good temperature conditions and that the battery is barnd new with only full charge and discharge then yes ur phone will last 390hrs !

so i say mr sonyericsson wat a pointless statistic !!

the truth whole truth n nuthin but the truth

Posted by iceclone
my t68i sumtyms lasts only for 1 day, but then again i'm a heavy user. m posting this right now from my palm m500+t68i via gprs!

i wish i cud try it to last a week... but doing so wud force me turn off my backlyt, vibra, and gprs/Ir.... i cant take that!!

Posted by orang3
then i guess you get a 2nd batt ......

Posted by zapper
Useful Information. Thanks orang ( orang mana nih?:)

Posted by orang3

On 2002-08-20 05:37, zapper wrote:
Useful Information. Thanks orang ( orang mana nih?:)

what does the last part mean ??

Posted by louisboo
that mean, he is asking u where u come from?

Posted by tiidusk
This story is just like a COPY/PASTE method case
Sorry about the compliment, but it seemd 2 like that. But the story is truth 99%

Posted by orang3
ohh.. i am frm singapore..

Posted by deviltao
The other day when I carged my battery I took the charger away and checked the standby time! then it said 321h so i turned the phone of and connected it to the charger again...then when I turned the phone on again in the morning and I checked the standby time it was only 291??? How can the stanbytime go down half an hour on beeing charged all night + beeing shut of?? strange!!

Posted by nippit

Just to add some more knowledge;

Some one said previously how the test for 390 hrs is done by ericsson it is almost true.

There are many things involved in the capacity of the battery. Envirolment, which we ignore, is one of the most important one as the battery is basically a chemistry reaction chamber.
Especially the Li-ion and Li-pol batteries are more sensitive to the relative temperature than its counterparts. I have experienced in the past with li-ion batteries to show absolute empty (this in fact means no chemical reaction) in below 5 degrees Celsius. And when brought back to room temp it shows more than 50 percent. (not tried this with my t68i but same technology in the battery). This is not an advice to heat the battery on a heater, you would damage it, but if you are desperate for a very short call just heat the battery between your hands and you can get a little bit more. I REPEAT NEVER TRY TO HEAT ANY BATTERY VIA EXTERNAL HEAT SOURCE THEY CAN BLOW.

May be unrelated in battery directly but.
There are some RF issues related to power too:
The Mobile Terminal (our handsets in this case) does have different power levels. The software on the MT decides what level of the power to emit at any given time. If there are any bugs in this code or if it is not efficient then we are wasting juice again. This is how sometimes a software upgrade affects the battery life.
Also there is a function on the GSM system which the cell controller (in the tower transmitter) activates the power save function for the idle MT in its coverage. This is very effective as it stops or changes the sequence of the homing signal of the MT. Not all the operators have this function enabled. Why? God knows there are many nice features that we never use or know. This is one of the reasons why some times the standby extends extremely but not the talk time with the same ratio.

Also the distance and power of the base station is very important. The worst scenario in such a case is when you are very far away from a very powerful base. The MT will receive the base signal and will try to transmit. Until the Base acknowledges the signal MT will switch to higher power level. If it is too far away (like on a boat at sea) the base will never acknowledge but the MT will try with highest power at all times.

I would like to give some examples from my old 8310/8210 which I used since they come out. The following details are daily life usage with the same phone and same amount of average usage.

In Singapore (I do not know any other location than the Singapore island with an overall better signal strength) my phone can last two days easily (2x24hrs)

When I am at sea out on a boat around the region I would be lucky if the phone lasts more than 12~16hrs.

In many urban areas in Europe 1x24

And it goes on

Posted by ScottTUK
Hi all
I currently own a Sony Ericsson T68i and I heard the other day about if you activate something which makes your voice calls better quality then it drains your battery much quicker is this true and if it is how do we know if it's disabled or activated?


Posted by ScottTUK

On 2002-07-10 20:12, Pink Lady wrote:
@orang: what a very useful information! Thanks @*how long does it take before your t68i gets fully charged? Thanks in advance

This post was posted from a T68i

Pink it takes roughly 4 hours but I usually leave it on an extra hour or two just to make sure

Posted by orang3
i am not very sure .. as i normally charge every night b4 i go to bed ..

Posted by nippit

I think you are trying to say EFR "enhanced full rate" yes this can be enabled and disabled. but it is network dependent. It has an avarage effect of %5 %10 on battery life. it does not effect the standby time only the talk time.

search for it on the forum i am sure you can find some where.

hope this is helps

Posted by ScottTUK
Cheers Nippit

Posted by Nik_Doof
nice and handy to read.

Posted by hyperken
my standby time is just 290 the most !!!!!!!!!where are the extra 100 went >>>>>??????????????????/

Posted by hyperken
so you guys dont complain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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