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t616 bluetooth file transfer difficulties

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Posted by dichron
I have been able to transfer files between my phone and computer using bluetooth and the My bluetooth places folder on my computer. But now for some reason i attempt to access the file transfer folder and get a message saying "FTP Service not found on target device" How do I remedy this?

Posted by DStelljes
I just discovered this site while trying to find out about the same error message of "FTP Service not found on target device".

I'm using the T616 with a Logitech MX900 bt mouse and bt hub.

For the first few days, I was able to transfer data from PC > phone and back w/no probs. On both my T616 and my wife's this worked - until now.

Any suggestions?

Posted by oxykuhl
I am experiencing the exact same issue. I never used to have problems, but now it just doesn't want to work. My laptop and t616 pairs fine, but i cannot get the two devices to communicate after the pairing is complete. I use My Bluetooth Places by WIDCOMM (MSI Bluetooth Software 1.3.0). Any suggestions?

Posted by gelfen
this happened to me once before. try removing the computer from the "My Devices" menu on the phone then re-pair them. also, check that the appropriate COM port is enabled on the PC (i.e. not one being used by something else).

Posted by kimcheeboi
While ur at it, try this thread:


Check the 1st page.

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