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P800 and BMW bluetooth handsfree kit

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Posted by augeas
Scattered throughout the forum are the answers to why the P800 will not operate properly with the BMW bluetooth handsfree kit. It is extremely difficult to weed through the forums to find the answer to this question, maybe it could be added to a P800 FAQ out there??

The official Sony Ericsson response is that the P800 will not support the handsfree profile required by the BMW bluetooth hands free kit. More info about the hands free profile standard can be found here https://www.bluetooth.org/docman2/ViewCategory.php?group_id=53&category_id=214

I think that it is pretty sad that SE's top of the line phone could leave out this highly desirable and required profile. This profile will be used in more and more vehicles as manufacturers realize the potential. The hands free profile allows a phone to share its phone book with the vehicle system and be controlled by the vehicle. The headset profile which is included with the P800 is good for nothing but the headset, can't directly dial from it (allowed to use voice recog only), can't add to the phone book, basically only good for answering and hanging up the phone.

The handsfree profile allows control of the phone through the vehicle, for instance if you want to dial a number not stored in your phone book you can say "Dial Number" "123456789" "Dial" and your talking to your party. How many times have you looked at your phone to dial while driving... The handsfree is also safer and much much kooler than a headset.

If SE can add this profile to the T68i why can't it be added to the P800?


Posted by Jah

The early previews of the P900 suggest there is an improvement to Profiles. But I suspect we'll have to wait a few months before find out. I can't see SE not addressing this issue given that the P800 is a topline phone which is expected to be used by people with topline cars!

Sorry mate - did eventually find more info at a French site about the P900. And the answer "Not definable "profiles"".

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Posted by augeas
As an early US adopter I paid about 650.00 for the phone, I am sure some of us have paid more than that for the P800. It is really a shame that they are leaving necessary features out of their top of the line phones.

Maybe if we gripe to Sony Ericsson they will add the profiles, it is not like it is not a standard for bluetooth or anything... All were asking for is the addition of a standard profile feature to their top of the line phone, which is btw included (I believe) on all of their other bluetooth phones.

I sent a message to SE and attached the pdf of the profile definition to the message, I asked SE to forward it to their developers...

Does anyone out there know if a developer can add the handsfree capability after market? Or must it be added in firmware... If a symbian developer can do it I will buy it.

The handsfree capability is extremely important to me since I do a lot of talking from my vehicle, right now my only option is to buy another phone and swap sims if I still want to use my P800.


Posted by jimcarter
If you have a P800 with an earlier firmware you can actually get the P800 to work with the BMW Bluetooth handsfree

Posted by pimp800
Now the 04 Lexus LS 430 has handsfree bluetooth phone connection.

Posted by kayla

What BMW bluetooth car kit you all mention? do you have it model number? that I can find out more about it function.

Posted by augeas

What firmware is early enough, I have just contacted SE to upgrade my firmware in the hopes that it will resolve my problem. I currently have:

Phone R1D
Bluetooth R2C
Organizer R1F01


Here is the info for the BMW bluetooth kit, the particular one I am using is for the E39 (5 series), but I think that they are all essentially the same for all models. The kit is an OEM product from BMW.


My guess is that the P800 will not work with the Lexus kit either if it uses the handsfree bluetooth profile. More and more vehicles will start to use this profile for OEM installed handsfree kits, SE better fix their flagship phone...

The latest is R2F I believe...

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Posted by virtualrain
Here is a bunch of info on the BMW Blootooth kit from a BMW forum... (Note that it appears to work with the SE T610/616... Why not the P800?)


Posted by jimcarter
My P800 states:
Phone: CXC162002 R1D
Bluetooth: CXC12529 R2C
It took changing the settings a bit but eventually I did manage to get it to work properly with the car,
I dont visit this forum that often but feel free to e-mail me at admin@serversgroup.com if you have any questions,

Posted by blue8300
It don't work with the P800... no car profile.
But works with a T610.

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