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bluetooth programming t610

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Posted by Marcebra

I am trying to make a program like the btcontrol or pccontrol for my t610. Where could I find information for making a program that adds a new application to the applications list and adds my own custom menu items. I tried searching esato and sonyericsson for information and I could not find any SDK or tutorial. I saw that microsoft has an SDK named Core SDK but I didn't want to d/l the 200mb+ and not get what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance

Posted by wrath000
The accessory menu is created from the PC using AT commands. I didn't find the AT command documentation for T610, but here is a link to the T68 AT command overview. There shouldn't be much difference.

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Posted by Marcebra

But how am I supposed to use these AT commands... I searched google and someone mentioned using hyperterminal (i dont' know what it is) to send the commands. But is that what btcontrol and pccontrol use? They are coded in C/C++ or even VB. I can't figure out what to do with all these at commands.

Posted by Jools
Romeo, a Bluetooth remote control program for Macs has been released as open-source. The source-code should be available here soon and will no doubt give you a head start. Why not try porting it to Windows?

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Posted by wrath000
You can use hyperterminal (choose the com port the phone is connected on).

If you are making a program that connects to T610, the program would have to open a serial connection (read/write to the COM port T610 is connected on) to the T610 and send the AT commands.

Posted by adept1
Hyperterminal is a terminal emulator built in to Windows. Look in the start menu under Accessories->Communications.


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