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Nokia Concepts Portfolio for 2017

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Posted by razec
I'm not expecting this thread to thrive as it seems concept designing is pretty much dead here but anyway I was forced to resurrect my concept designing days when a good friend of mine asked me to provide some 2D reference for his 3D render. It didn't have all the glamorous presentations of my old designs but that's what he only needed so I gave it a quick shot. took me at least two hours to conceptualize and photoshop.

a live mockup. like the old days but I forgot to rotate the wallpaper

here's his 3D render presentation

Not sure if I could still design a few more in the coming months but maybe in my spare time I could

Posted by Supa_Fly
Razec ... 2017 right? I done KNOW you can do a LOT better - especially with your talents than re-hash a current released sold and cancelled phone design.

you're better than that we ALL know it and especially you. No ... loosen your wrists, practice your Zen and your digital pen pressure and get back to your room and give us something Spectacular won't you? please?

lol alright mate. You know you can we believe in you.

Posted by razec
Thanks, I wasn't really serious in making concepts anymore especially with brands I'm not used to designing for due to time constraints in the real world and such. although thanks for that motivational message. like I said I wasn't expecting a new concept thread to thrive in the future given that there are better platforms out there for showing off design works, but I'll do my best visualizing new designs when I have the time to work on it

You're right, the design above is a rehash of the old Nokia because we still don't have much inputs as to how future models would look like. I'm not a fan of creating designs that'll alienate the designs of future real products of the brand too much so I'm waiting for whatever design language/ideas HMD have on their arsenal so I can base off my future concepts from there.

Posted by Supa_Fly

Right on Razec! Glad you took my message as intended = positive encouragement. Cannot wait to see your future design ideas when you really flex those design pencils of yours.

Cheers & Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!

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