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From the forum:

Samsung reports significant gains in Q3 earnings

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Posted by Tsepz_GP
Samsung has reported its earnings for the third quarter of 2015, noting an operating profit of 7.4 trillion won (around $6.46 billion) on overall revenues of 51.68 trillion won ($45.2 billion), which is up significantly from an operating profit of 4.1 trillion won a year ago.
As for its mobile division specifically, Samsung reports an operating profit of 2.4 trillion won ($2.1 billion) on revenues of 26.1 trillion won ($22.8 billion), which is also a substantial jump in operating profit over the same period a year ago, which clocked in at 1.75 trillion won ($1.53 billion). Samsung says that this growth was largely driven by a significant increase in smartphone shipments from the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+.

Samsung notes that a chunk of its success this quarter was due to favorable exchange rates, which yielded gains go around 800 billion won. Samsung doesn't expect the exchange rate to have a positive effect next quarter, and, as a result, it expects earnings to decline quarter-over-quarter in Q4.

Android Central

Posted by aussieland1
Good result obviously but nots if that profit is not due to mobile division . Good that the division is making profit though and quite a bit

Posted by Tsepz_GP

On 2015-10-30 08:51:31, aussieland1 wrote:
Good result obviously but nots if that profit is not due to mobile division . Good that the division is making profit though and quite a bit

The mobile division brought in just over $2.1Billion. They attribute the profit to the Note5 and S6 Edge+ shipments increasing.

Posted by aussieland1
Sorry what I meant was that the share of the profit brought by mobile division is not what it used to be- but I can see that I didn't explain myself properly. My post did say however that the the mobile division brought quite a bit of profit

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Oh yes I see.

Posted by difenbaker
Its good that Samsung's mobile division is being profitable again... at the very least, those not wanting an iphone is being given an alternative, that is as competitive if not more so.


Posted by aussieland1
Tsepz, looking back at my post it was the a typo as nots it was meant to be most of. Either way no need to laugh it was just a mistake

I agree it is important that Apple has strong competition. I really like Edge plus design and I might have bought one already despite my protests about the lack of sd memory but the lack of usb type c when next years one will all have it plus the rumours of s7 edge plus at the beginning of next year doesn't not make it worth while imo. Beautiful handset though
[ This Message was edited by: aussieland1 on 2015-10-31 12:28 ]

Posted by aussieland1
Not so good news.....


Posted by Tsepz_GP
I've heard the S.Korean bosses are ruthless and cutthroat.

I once applied for a job at Samsung SA, to be a Junior Project Manager in Digital Marketing, the HR manager was happy with my CV, but a family member of mine advised me to steer clear of them, hours are apparently ridiculous and company culture not great. Glad I did.

They are cutting the fat going by that article, right after a good quarter, that means they are bracing themselves for a tough Q4 and streamlining themselves for 2016. They are being extremely proactive, must be due to pressure from shareholders.

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