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T-Mobile becomes first American carrier to release phone unlocking app

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Posted by tranced

One week after President Obama signed a phone-unlocking bill into law, T-Mobile has responded by becoming the first American carrier to launch its own unlocking app. Modestly titled Device Unlock, the app debuted on Friday in the Google Play store, though it comes with one major limitation: It only unlocks the Samsung Galaxy Avant, a lower-specced offering that launched in late July exclusively on T-Mobile.


Posted by Del
Shame it's for only one phone at the moment bit let's hope they allow it for all phones soon or some clever devs work their magic with it
I can't see EE allowing it in the uk though

Posted by chunkybeats
I feel sorry for Americans having being locked into contracts and locked handsets. I reckon the landscape would change if they allowed to have unlocked handsets and allow more companies in to compete in the US. But no they are a paranoid nation and trying to protect their local economy which is fair enough but unfortunately the average american consumer loses out.

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