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From the forum:

Samsung details plans for 4K phones, own 64-bit processor for 2014-15

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Posted by Tsepz_GP

"Samsung has detailed its plans for the near future and they include even higher resolution phones and the development of its own custom processor core, a move similar to what Apple is doing with the Cyclone processing core in its latest iPhone 5s and iPads. The news come straight from the horse’s mouth from Samsung’s Analyst Day event in Korea.

Screens are of course where Samsung’s strength is. The Korean company is drawing a picture of the future where we could have devices with even sharper displays. If all goes as planned, Samsung might release smartphones with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and pixel density reaching an impressive 560ppi.

4K Ultra HD resolution phones are the next step that could come as soon as in 2015. In sheer numbers, we’re looking at future devices with 3840 x 2160 pixel displays. Just imagine this on a smartphone, pixel density on a screen the size of today’s smartphones would reach over 800ppi.

The other big thing that Samsung is working on is its own ARM-based processor core. Samsung will obviously continue on relying on Qualcomm’s chip in the near future, but it is also developing its own core, much like Apple has done with the Apple A7.

We have already heard about Samsung’s plans for truly flexible phones (not just curved or bendable) phones in the near future."


Posted by Gitaroo
2015, just in time for my next phone.

Posted by xdomino996
This is stupid . WQHD/4K kill GPU and battery.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I remember reading similar comments about HD1080P displays, yet nobody seems to be complaining now...

My GS4 with HD1080P display easily outlasts my old GS3 with HD720P display which easily outlasts my GS2 with its WVGA display and so on, as long as the manufacturer fits a correctly sized battery and optimizes the SW for the HW well, the battery and GPU should be fine, Samsung have especially done this well hence why their Androids tend to perform the best relative to competition.
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Posted by StanNoftsger
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Posted by XperiaJunkie
although this is probably the natural development of the smartphone I cant help but think 4K on a mobile phone is a bit of an overkill yes all brands love to boast about numbers ie 41MP sensor, 64GB storage, 440 PPI and so on these are all numbers to make customers go WOW and in truth it works there is no doubt about it. The one thing all brands should focus on is battery life its all good and well have power management sowftware and high MAH batteries but at the end of the day most of us still need to charge them on a nightly basis this is the thing in the mobile industry I feel needs to develop and fast and 4K screens will only be even more of a massive power drain. The average 5" 1080p display of 440 PPI will have a 3000 MAH battery what will a 5" 4K display need maybe a 4000MAH battery plus kenetic charging, solar power, better range of wireless charging who knows either way this needs to improve and fast.
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Posted by Bonovox
On the Note 3 using 4K video thought I would try it out forgetting my pc is rather basic and I haven't got a graphics card so it played really slow. All this tech is great but I think Samsung maybe needs to slow down a little bit. Battery tech needs to be improved in my view first as even the Note 3 battery doesn't last all that long with heavy usage like I do. We're still using the same battery tech we did years ago and it hasn't changed with the new technology much. Think manufacturers need to focus also more on innovation like smarter and better ways to use our phones not who does 4K video first etc. And unless you have a 4K tv there's no need or plan to record professional shoots.

Don't be an iSheep,follow the exclusive sheep!!

Samsung Galaxy Note III
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Posted by Ranjith
4k! phew. Does today's 720P screen with the same tech as the 1080P screens perform the same,as in with the same tech does the higher resolution make a huge difference in such small screens?

Posted by DamionLiu
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Posted by admad
Ok, here's the main reason why 4K on a phone is useless. The stuff You browse on the internet, is mainly optimized for 720p. Take even that image from Samsung, it's resolution is 560x330. Ridiculously small. But it's okay to view it on a 1080p 24" monitor. On a 1080p 5" phone, it gets a little annoying. Now imagine a 4K display phone. It has no sense at all, even if they manage to maintain long battery life, it will be useless for browsing content on web.

Here's a little image to show you what I mean. It shows how a full size image from Samsung would look on different screen resolution, but same size 5.2".

Posted by Dozedilitry
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