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From the forum:

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the fastest selling Android flagship. 10million sold less than a month

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Posted by Tsepz_GP

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has reached sales of the whopping 6 million as of May 10th and is well on track to hit 10 million sales within the first month of sales.

The Galaxy S4 is the world’s fastest selling high-end Android device, beating the sales records of its predecessors. Samsung unveiled the S4 on April 26th shipping 4 million of the 2013 Android flagship in just five days.

The S III took 21 days to sell the first three million, the S II took 55 days and the original Galaxy S sold the first three million in 85 days.

"As of the end of April, we supplied four million Galaxy S4 handsets to telecommunication operators around the world," a Samsung executive said on Friday. "As of Friday, we have sold more than 6 million units, and we predict that we could break the 10-million mark by as early as the end of this month," the company added.


Yet another runaway success for Samsung, and if the GS4 Google Edition is real this number will see a huge boost.


10 million Samsung Galaxy S4 units sold; new colors coming

After launching globally on April 27th, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has now surpassed 10 million units sold in less than one full month, according to Samsung.This sets a record for a Samsung handset, for the quickest time to 10 million units sold. The Galaxy S4's predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S III, took 50 days to accomplish the same thing. The Samsung Galaxy S II needed 5 months to hit the 10 million sales mark, while the original Samsung Galaxy S reached 10 million in sales after 7 months.

Currently available in 110 countries, the Korean based manufacturer expects to eventually sell the Android flagship in 155 countries with 327 partners. And Samsung also plans on adding more colors options to the phone. Currently available in White Frost and Black Mist, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will receive new color options this summer including Blue Arctic and Red Aurora, followed by Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn.

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Posted by etaab
You're really enjoying this success huh !?

Me too. Heh.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
So much great news today I even forgot I posted this

I am, we all knew it would be a success.....BUT 6million sold within a month of release AND a Google Edition on the way??? You simply cant write this stuff!! Samsung are making their money and we are getting what we want .Loads of Nexus fans wanted a device like this, stock Android on Samsung hardware and now they get their wish.

Posted by DSF
Well, that's a good decision (first Sony, now Samsung).

Hope it's not just a rumour... I've started to hate the touchwizz UI.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
DSF, it's official.

No, this is not like what Sony do, Sony are just doing normal AOSP. The GALAXY S4 Google Edition is a Google Experience device, it will get updates straight from Google and will be treated as a Google Nexus device, that means when the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 get updates so does the GS4 Google Edition. Google themselves are selling this though the Play Store

Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android is real: Nexus experience coming on June 26

The Samsung Galaxy S4 'developer edition' is real, folks! Google has just announced the Galaxy S4 with stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and none of that TouchWiz wizardry. Pure Android, just as so many people like it.

The Galaxy S4 with stock Android will land on the Google Play store on June 26th for an off contract price of $649.

The S4 with stock Android will support 4G LTE and you’d be able to use it on the U.S. GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. It will have 16GB of internal storage, come with a fully unlocked bootloader and you won’t need to wait for system updates from carriers. Freedom, a lot of us wished for it, and now we have it!

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Posted by johandirano
Great!! It’s a big success

Posted by DSF
Tsepz_GP oh, cool then!

But I have to reckon that 16GB internal storage is kinda too little for me. (I myself have problem with a 32GB microsd !!SANDISK!! card after using -barely- for a couple of month. Brand new, original.. and it's not an uncommon issue unfortunately. A "SD card Unexpectedly Removed" search could lead us on multiple topics on several devices, s2, s3, note ii, etc)

But still, a GOOD initiative. Hope Google improve DLNA support in future Android. Samsung is doing this absolutely phenomenal with AllShare.
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Posted by Tsepz_GP
The SD card Unexpectedly Removed error turned upto to be a SanDisk issue, they recently made an announcement about a faulty batch of SD cards that had caused loss of data. I had a 32GB that did that in my GS3, the place I got the MicroSD from replaced it and its been smooth sailing ever since

Posted by etaab
Even more good news:

See here

Posted by Bonovox
Whoope doo,come on the tiny little impact some GS4's will have on the environment when recycled will make absolutely zero difference with all the pollution China produces alone. Let alone the entire world. Anyway i seen in the Metro last night a GS4 advert saying EVEN MORE MEMORY USE YOUR GS4 WITH AN SD CARD. Bloody hell Samsung since when was that something new?? Trying to cover over the memory issue

Posted by etaab
I think I must be one of the few that doesn't find it a big deal. I do agree that Android phones that run in the spot light need 32gb minimum OR be able to install apps to SD card from the off.

I don't think the issue is primarily with Samsung, but the issue is one that falls at Google's door. They need to allow apps, all apps, to be installed to memory card. Even Symbian can do that.

Posted by Bonovox
It's the same on Windows phone but luckily Nokia even on budget phones makes them with at least 8 gig internal memory. Nokia though has made it possible too now to keep map data onto SD cards,again something Microsoft hasn't done

Posted by etaab
They all do it. I have friends with iPhones who cannot install games or apps, take picture or videos simply because their memory is full. Moreso with the ones who have 8gb or 16gb variants.

The problem lies with modern day operating systems not allowing the user to install to external memory. Where Apple is concerned, having external memory at all is even a bigger issue.

On Symbian you could always install to SD card. I never had storage issues with Symbian, only RAM issues with handsets that had low RAM.

Posted by Ranjith
Phew! Good going Samsung! but wont the Google S4 affect Nexus sales then!??

Posted by etaab
Nexus sales have always been poor by comparison. Google don't make the Nexus products anyway so I don't think its any skin off their nose. The first few Nexus phones were all Samsung, then LG. The 10 is a Samsung slate, the 7 is made by Asus and the 4 is by LG.

Google don't make the hardware. They will just want their software running vanilla on at least one major flagship rather than a phone with year old technology.

Posted by Away
It won't affect the sales, didn't you hear the crowd become silent as the price was announced?

Posted by Bonovox
Google Google naughty Google. Been on the news again today with their UK tax dodging

Posted by sonia123
Sales of million is natural thing because phone is really awesome every thing is in advance even i am also thinking to buy this phone..

Posted by Tsepz_GP
10million sold: http://www.phonearena.com/new[....]sold-new-colors-coming_id43304

Incredible, Samsung gave Sony, HTC and LG a head start in terms of releasing a phone and updating it, yet neither could fully capitalize or update their phones to 4.2.2 within the time it took Samsung to unveil and release the GS4, some of these competitors have been around since late February even still nothing, and within a month the GS4 rips them all apart, selling in just a month more than some have sold in their entire time in the market.

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