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K800i camera button not working after fw update

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Posted by Silverroller
I've reactivated my K800i I had stored in a drawer.

I've updated the firmware using wotanserver to R1GB001, Europe 3 ... worked flawlessly

But using the camera button now is bizar : the camera button (15) does not work as it should: half-way pressing it activates the focusing till it locks, that's ok ... but pushing the button all the way to make a photo does not work ... it even defocuses ... and makes no picture . Pushing the navigation button (9) still works as it should and the photos are fine. In videomode the camera button works as if it was in the photomode ... so making videos is only possible using the navigation button.

Checked the camera button in service mode ... it is ok.

Wotanserver helpdesk says it is not a flashing problem (second flashing did not solve the problem) ... and the camera button is ok.

Can anyone help me ?
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Posted by chandu17
Re-flash phone with old fw.

Posted by spencerharry
Restart your Phone, Still it will not work then visit nearest service station...

Posted by Silverroller
Thanks for the replys

Do not have the old fw anymore ... was a very early buggy version, the reason the phone landed in a drawer for a couple of years.

Restarting doesn't solve the problem.

So will be a strange hardware problem ... will use the joystick button for now

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