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9790 battery drains

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Posted by hihihans
I've got a brand new BB9790 Bold in the house.
The battery drains in about 15 hours. The strange thing is that it doesn't matter if you're browsing the internet all the time or leave it workles on the table.
As far as I know there are no apps running in the back ground.
Anyone any idea?

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Have you tried updating to BB OS7.1? I heard thats what sorts the battery issuert in OS7, but the OS7 BBs are known for poor battery.

Posted by hihihans
7.1 is not available yet
Is there a way to install it anyway?

Posted by Tsepz_GP
Here you go: http://forums.crackberry.com/[....]1-0-714-telenor-serbia-746074/

Check post #8 for the guide to install.

Posted by bhavitsoft
A half day pathetic battery life for 9790. Touchscreen may stop working very soon but the internal memory n 768 mb ram are very useful
The bad part of battery is that the phone wud get hot so much that you wont put it in your pocket
May be the above mentioned OS will help you Hans

Posted by hihihans
Thanks Tsepz.
Now I need permission of the owner to crack her berry.
If I can get this working on my Mac.

Posted by hihihans
Oops bit late. It was an app that drained the battery. Two weeks ago she installed KiK messager and the same thing happened. I'll check if 7.1 is available for her soon.

Posted by hihihans
And again a problem with the battery.
When fully charged it drains within 8 hours of lying on a table next to her bed.
Is there a way to check if the battery is bad? I do think it's a piece of software that kills is, but what?
Or should I just buy her an Asha302.

Posted by Marly
I hear from people, WhatsApp is crappy again lately (sooo happy I don't have to use it because most of my friends don't use it either), so maybe deinstall and fresh install would help?
Any new apps installed lately? Tried to remove them?
Could be a network issue too.

Posted by hihihans
It looks like "Maps" caused the drain. We're not sure and it needed a reset to have the battery act normal again.

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