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Samsung announces the Galaxy S III Android smartphone

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Posted by laffen
At an event in London today, Samsung announced this year's flagship model Galaxy S III. A 4.8-inch model with a HD 720 x 1280 resolution and a 1.4 GHz quad-core Exynos 4 processor

Samsung Galaxy S III announced

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Posted by NightBlade
Between this and the One X, I'd choose the HTC.

Posted by rikken
I would choose the S III witout a doubt. Removable battery (2100 mah), 16,32 or 64 GB memory and a card slot and I am convinced its camera outperforms the OX. I also find this one much better looking

Posted by Ravager
Too big IMO
[ This Message was edited by: Ravager on 2012-05-03 22:00 ]

Posted by pt020
Never was a fan of Samsung's design and this one is not an exception.
But I am sure it is one of the best phones money can buy.

Posted by luwi
Design wise, one x is much better than this!

Posted by razec
This time the Samsung Flagship looks like txt pro

Nice specs, but Samsung has to hire SE designers that were laid off and design something completely different.
[ This Message was edited by: razec on 2012-05-04 03:15 ]

Posted by Guarulhos
Perfect Mobile Phone ! So Simply !!! Congratulations Samsung !!!

Posted by rikken
razec, A lot of people critiziced the design and built of the S II still it became an enormous success
To me this phone looks really great

Posted by Bonovox
It's gonna scratch and mark too easily. And a premium handset should not. Polycarbonate would be better than metal

Posted by rikken
I never had much issues with scratches. You have to take care of things and not just rely on the materials
You can easily scratch a Mercedes too you know

Posted by Bonovox
Yes true but I have always taken care yet body marks still appear

Posted by rikken
All things used on a daily base will get marks, even your life

Posted by Bonovox

Posted by julias
The SIII is a BIG disappointment i expected so much more and the design is just poor to say the least, The HTC One X wins on all counts!!!

[ This Message was edited by: julias on 2012-05-04 11:31 ]

Posted by hihihans

On 2012-05-04 04:13:55, razec wrote:
This time the Samsung Flagship looks like txt pro

I prefer the

Posted by Bonovox

Posted by chunkybeats
great specs and everything but poo it looks boring, seriously the only manufacturer making interesting and sexy phones are Sony at the moment

Posted by rikken
I find the Xperia S boring, uncomfortable to hold and too large for a 4.3 screen phone

Posted by ok1907
Can't we change the back cover? It'd be great if Samsung offered the cover of Galaxy Nexus for S III

Posted by Miss UK
Is that it? Jeez it's horrible
Looks appalling even up against
the S2 lol

Posted by Hobbs
Miss Uk...Miss UK.... Miss UK.....What are we going to do with you


Posted by jibuti

Posted by NightBlade

On 2012-05-04 20:39:47, Miss UK wrote:
Is that it? Jeez it's horrible
Looks appalling even up against
the S2 lol

Posted by Bonovox
I would hardly say it looks appalling. Still nicer than iPhone

Posted by etaab
Alot of people in this thread are saying what a disappointment the S3, especially with its design, and like Julias's opinion he stated the One X wins on all counts.

I dont think it does. How does a none-user removable battery win over one that can be hot swapped ? How can the One X win when it runs out of memory space and theres no card slot ? How can it win when it has less cloud storage provided by HTC ?

The main point for me where the S3 beats the One X hands down design wise is the camera. On the S3 its flushed to the back cover. On the One X, it not only sticks out but is the main point where the rest of the phone balances on when placed down on its back cover.

Now thats ridiculous design. How can the entire bulk of the phone rest on the camera glass !?!
[ This Message was edited by: etaab on 2012-05-06 16:50 ]

Posted by Miss UK
Lol I dislike the shape of it tbh
But it does have a few new included
Features that are nothing to get excited
about Overall in my case be interesting
Now to see what one comes out after this one
That may blow it away

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