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From the forum:

Is it worth getting a Samsung Nexus S?

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Posted by tranced
Was: It is worth getting a Galaxy Nexus S?

Hey all!

As you know I've been using phones for a long while now. I'm currently using a Xperia X10 Mini Pro as my main phone and I'm seriously tired of the screen size and battery life. Today I spotted a cheap Google Nexus S in the local market.

What do you have to say about this phone? It is worthy?

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Posted by rikken
Tranced, it is still a good phone. Read about it here : http://www.gsmarena.com/google_nexus_s-review-565.php

Posted by tranced
Hello again!

2 things:

1- I was confused with the Galaxy Nexus S(i9250) and the Nexus S (i9020). I really meant the i9020.


2- My X10MP is really acting up lately. The earphone is not working. Need to be in speaker mode so I can hear people. The LED indicator is not working anymore. Yesterday the screen seemed to be ok. I wanted to use the keyboard and when I slided the screen, it went black. If I pushed it down a little bit it would be ok, but I cannot keep the screen that way.

So, I'm finally deciding to go for the i9020. I'm seeing it's quite cheap and I've seen it's a good phone.

@rikken: the review is telling me it's worth it.

Posted by etaab
Its a bit old though, isnt it ?

Im sure you could get a later model for the same price from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC or SE ??

Posted by tranced
Believe, I cannot afford too much. I know it's old but it does meet my requirements. I'm not looking for a so powerful phone.

Ironic, but I'm tired of looking for a phone that meet$ me.

Posted by etaab
Heh join the club. Ive been a manager in retail now for years, i run my own store yet im up to my eyeballs in debt and never have more than 10 in my wallet.

Id still go for something a bit newer. How about a Galaxy S2 ? last years flagship ive seen going really cheap here in the UK and can easily be rooted and have your own custom vanilla version of Android flashed to it. It'll also be more future proof and less limited with a SD card slot etc.

The Nexus phones are all great, but all limited in many ways.

Posted by Tsepz_GP
I'd say take it. Its a Google Experience phone and already has Android4.1 and may get 4.2 after next week. As said, Nexus phones do have their limitations, but from a X10MP i'd say you'll be fine with Nexus S, the only major gripe maybe the limited 16gb internal mem, if you are fine with that then go for it.

The Galaxy S2 would be the best if you can get it as cheap as Nexus S, but ive read in some countries that S2 is still quite expensive.
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Posted by Bonovox
I had one of them and it was buttery smooth and fast

Posted by tranced
Guess I will have to go for it soon

Posted by Johnson023
Although i not used, but the Samsung phones or very good

Posted by tranced
Just to let you know that I won an auction last night. I'd be getting the phone next week. So expect a photo of it. Thanks all for the recommendations.

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