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copy contacts to mem card

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Posted by plankgatan
does anyone knows where your contacts puts on your mem card (which folder, etc) ??

and which format does it install it ????


Posted by Sky Hi
In Xperia Mini it's in "sdcard/System/PIM". The file is PIM00001.vcf, PIM00002.vcf... and so on for every back up you make. vcf is a "Virtual Card" file, which can be opened in a PC with Outlook or a similar e-mail client.
I suppose in every android phone it's that or a similar one folder.

Posted by plankgatan
dont find any such folder in my aino............hhmm, where can it be ?

Posted by ceaser2008
For java phones like k850, aino and so on.. It is in system folder which is hidden. So you have to see it on pc with show hidden folders options. In that in PIM folder, one file named 'PB_Backup.vcf' is there. This is what you want. It can be open with notepad as well.

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