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Esato's 10th anniversary

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Posted by tranced
A decade? Wow that's gone fast!

It's a pleasure to announce that Esato is celebrating its 10th anniversary. A lot of things have happened in this decade, including mobile phones stuffs.

Ten years? Yes. Those who were 16 now are 26. Those who didn't have kids, now have 2. Yes, that's you Rookwise.

Happy birthday, Esato. Many happy returns

Posted by skblakee
Happy birthday to Esato! This is the first mobile phone forum that I ever joined. I had been reading on here years before, maybe since 2005 and looking up answers for my T637 (?I think) and my P910I. I joined in 2007 after needing to ask some questions. I won't be turning back

I am definitely foing to be around for the 20th celebrations.

Posted by adsada
What I'd like to see is some history about the site and how it started out, why the name Esato was chosen and why you focus so greatly on SE phones? Such a good forum with friendly members who know what they're talking about!

Posted by hihihans
10 is a lovely age. The entire future is up for grabs.
Thanks to all Esato members and it's founder Laffen.
Many happy returns.

Posted by mriley
Happy birthday Esato
Here's to laffen, mods and all the great members who got Esato to where it is today!

Posted by chunkybeats
Awesome website, been really helpful especially with SE questions. Happy 10 years and wish the best for future i will be still here no doubt in another 10!!! Cheers!!!

Posted by Rookwise
Happy birthday Esato. Lets see another 10 years

On 2011-08-08 00:26:00, tranced wrote:
Ten years? Yes. Those who were 16 now are 26. Those who didn't have kids, now have 2. Yes, that's you Rookwise.

I think you mean 3 kids mate. My oldest son is 10 years old followed by my daughter 3yrs old and my youngest son is 10 months old

10 years ago I was 24.

Posted by iksplusipsilon
Congratulations and all the best in the future!

Posted by tranced
@Rookwise: I just know 2 of them. Becca and Thomas.

Posted by razec
Happy Birth.., eh.. no Happy Anniversary Esato!!! in my 5 years of being esatonian i learned alot of things i can hardly find on other mobile phone forums, I particularly liked the nice bonding of the members here while in fact most of them were really smart and capable. thanks Laffen!

Posted by ceaser2008
Happy birthday to our lovely site ESATO. I am always proud to be an Esatonian. This site has given me the knowledge of my phones. Plus some lovely friends close to my heart whom i want to keep forever. Thanks laffen, all mods and fellow Esatonians.

Posted by goldenface
Ten years already? What a laugh! This place certainly has history. I've spent so much time on Esato I might as well be married to it

Posted by adriatic
Congratulations Esato.
I hope that all your years to come will be as happy and as helpful to others as those past.
Recently joined, but was with you since the era of K700.

Posted by Supa_Fly
HappyBirthday Esato.

For some reason it feels so much longer than that:
First cellphone was a CDMA Sony.
First GSM phone (2nd phone ever) T18z
First GPRS phone T39m
First email account myrealbox.com recommended here from this site.
First forum ever joined Esato.
Girlfriends 1st camera phone K? (VGA camera before the K750).
2 kids, 1 breakup, got back together rockin ever since.

I KNOW I registered here originally before my son was born and he's 13 a unless my mind is getting old. That would make 2 things I forgotten .

Say youthful Esato. These tires are now teaching me about cellphones lol.

Posted by Marly
Happy Birthday Esato!
Congratulations to laffen, the mods and all members around the world

Posted by Bonovox
Wow a decade happy birthday

Posted by Dups!
Congratulations and happy birthday esato.

Been here for almost half the years and it's been interesting... and fun.

Posted by tranced

Esato celebrates 10-year anniversary

Posted by ofiaich

big Happy Birthday from me!!

I've been here a long time too..!

Joined: Nov 12, 2001


Posted by PeterKay
10 years!!!!

That was quick indeed.......

Well done to Laffen and the team and obviously to all the members

Keep up the good work folks

Posted by brys182
Happy Birthday Esato!!!

Posted by boy.in.PINK
Happy tenth natal day Esato.com! Wow! I'm proud of being part of the mobile evolution.

May I start the Awards MMXI?

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