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1-mark rating in the Photos section

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Posted by io_bg
Hello guys, I hope I'm in the right place becase I couldn't find any better place to start this topic. I'd be interested in knowing why there are people who rate a lot of pictures with the lowest mark without any explanation why. Is that because of the quality of photos? Maybe yes since most of the highest rated pictures are taken by C901 which is a good cameraphone indeed.
But is it the quality of the photos the most important? I think rating should be based on the framing of the picture, the used techniques, etc. For example I'd vote with a 10 mark for a landscape that is not best quality but is well-exposed, has a foreground and a background subject and is framed according to the rule of thirds instead of one that is great quality wise but has it's subject in the middle.
I'd like to hear what you guys thing about this.
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Posted by tranced

Please continue here please.

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