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touch screen issues of satio

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Posted by numb1024
i am having intermittent issues with the touch sensitivity of satio.
for example, when i try to reply and on tap on number 7, the screen automatically
click on number 9 which is two blocks away from the button i am trying to press.

that does not only happen to those buttons. it happens to all. it will automatically click
on the third block at the right side of the button i really want to choose.

do i have to reset my phone to refresh the system and correct this issue? how to correct
this concern?

please help! it is really annoying especially when it is an emergency and my reply is urgent.

thank you in advance!

Posted by hammera
Have you tried calibrating the screen?

>Settings -> Phone -> Touch input -> Touch screen calibration (scroll down to see it)

Posted by cableguy
i had similar problems with my satio.i just sent it off to be repaired by se.got it back and everything working fine after.

Posted by burmistrz
Do you have screen protector on? That thing caused similar problems with my phone. Once I took it away, my Satio act normal again.

Posted by joq
I had similar problem. Touchscreen reacted to the pressing in different area than was touched. Restart the phone and screen calibration gave no results. After phone disassembly and cleaning digitizer contacts (on digitizer and mainboard) everything was back to normal. Repair takes about 15 minutes and phone works excellent.

Posted by norbi_nw
i also have this issue, will send it back to warranty, but i am terrified about the idea of getting a software flash when i get it back.. Too much stuff to lose.

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