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Satio touch problem

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Posted by dipb
Hi Guys,

I do not know if anyone ever faced this weired problem.

From the main screen, If I try to activate the dialer or menu, somehow the profiles get activated.
Then I try to say Back, it doesnot work. The only way it works is when I press the red button.

So I am not sure, what is the problem.

I guess somehow the digitizer is stuck at one point.

Anyone having any clue or solution to this problem ?


Posted by GasheadHarry
are you able to get into the settings and recalibrate the touch screen?

Posted by dipb
yes tried the same.
but when I finish a call and just leave the phone untouched automatically the profile gets activated.
it seems the digitizer is getting pressed.

fyi, my standby theme is "navigation bar". the problem occurs around the where the profile button is on bottom right.
due to this if I enter a menu, even if press back or cancle or exit at bottom right, the phone takes time to respond.

I faintly remember someone facing similar problem here long back. could you advise me how to get this resolve.

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