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P1i unique charging problem

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Posted by sigea

My phone charges via USB and not via the charger. Have checked the charger and it works with other sony phones.

Is it just a problem of cleaning the phones ports or do I risk a visit to the service center?

Any tips on solving this would be welcome



Posted by Dups!
Did you try a different charger on the P1 excluding the USB?

Posted by sigea
Yes, have tried different chargers, it wouldn't work. They work with other sony phones, so the chargers are ok.

Do the data cable and the charger touch the same points within the phone?

is there a recommended method to clean the contact point's on phone?

Posted by Dups!
Now that is puzzling I must say. My P1i is okay and I haven't even needed to clean it. When I had to clean the T610i I used earbuds with an alcohol based solution.

Try cleaning the connectors. There is a thread somewhere here on Esato regarding cleaning the connectors and it had very useful information. Try and search for it.

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