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my K850 acts strange

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Posted by bulukaki
hi everyone. if this was asked before, please kindly close this thread. I know K850i is a "problem" phone from the beginning, but well, I'm keeping it. here goes.

it started to act up about 3-5 days ago. I was typing a reply to a txt msg and the phone turned the screen off and lighted up the D-pad. I tried pressing anything but it didn't do a thing to make a difference. then my last resort was to take the battery out and put it back in. when it was turned back on, the date went back to January 1st, 2000 and the time was turned back to 7:00AM. I checked everything else (theme, ringtones, settings, phonebook, etc) and fortunately they were still intact. so I tried it again, replying the txt msg and now it didn't even take 30 characters to do the same thing, again. it took me about 3 more times before I gave up. so I tried to update the firmware (this K850i has the last one before the latest) and it's been unsuccessful right until this minute. at first the update service updated the program to, restarted itself, doing some other update, restarted again, another update, restarted again, and this time I turned the program off, go to SE website and downloaded the update service program from the website. this time it worked and it took me to the screen where we have to press C while plugging the phone in to the USB cable. the program and the computer won't even recognize the phone! it's just plain weird. when the phone has the sim card in, my computer can detect it fine, but when the sim card was taken out, it is not detected at all. ...earlier this afternoon it was asking for SEMCBOOT but windows update can't find it. I searched around here in esato and find a rapidshare link, and can't download it

please anyone kindly offer me some advice. thank you. I'm at my wits end here.

edit: I'm using an ASUS laptop, running the dimwitted Win Vista Home Premium updated to the latest junk from M$
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Posted by koss
Maybe your phone has a hardware failure. Take it to a service.

Posted by adsada
Hello, I think I know what your problem is - I had the same thing. Firstly the reason your time and date reset when taking the battery out is because normally there is a small internal battery which remembers this when the main battery is removed, but is no longer functioning. This happened to me, but isn't that bad as if you turn Auto time zone on you will get the exact time when you first turn on your phone.

Now to the main issue, what is happening the screen cable is behind the keypad and when you press some buttons they now make contract with it and short circuit it, thus resulting in the screen switching off. This could be to many things, but is likely that there is dirt which is completing the circuit. You'll notice if you try pressing keys in standby mode relatively hard that it also switches it off (for me also pressing in between the buttons activated this). You don't actually have to keep taking the battery out, you just wait for the phone to go into sleep mode (you'll know this when the keypad light switches off. Then press any button and it should work again.

Now to fix this issue if, and I'm guessing it is no longer in warranty, I opened it up to solve the problem. But I don't know if you'll be willing to do this, even though it is perfectly safe for the phone. I can give you details how to do this if you want. You then place a piece of card in between the keypad and screen cable.

Hope this helps (and I hope I've diagnosed your problem correctly )

Posted by ceaser2008

May be adsada is right but i suggest you to get your firmware updated to R1fa035. And see how it goes after that cause the previous firmwares were quite buggy.

If you are fail to update with SEUS, try the following links to manually flash the phone.

Firstly you need to get flashing tool- a2uploader. Try 4shared or click below. The latest version is of date 22/9. Old versions will also do the job.


Now you have to have firmwares. It has three files namely main, fs and customizing. You can download from these sites. You might need to login.



Now the main and important thing- flashing. Follow this easy tutorial to flash.

Flashing tutorial

Trust me, it is damn easy and thousands of people including me are following this. Its safe and quick.

Best of luck.

Posted by lazeeboy
No offense, but I think it's much more convenient to ditch that and get a new phone.

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