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C905a USB charging stuck in OFF postion

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Posted by mlife
If I enter the C905a menu (right, star, left-left, star, right) I can not activate USB Charging... it is stuck in the OFF position... My phone will however charge when plugged into my PC by does not charge when plugged into my car... any idea how to change this?

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Posted by glenpw
it happen to me too

i think it's a firmware bug

Posted by TheSunny01
im facing the same problem from today

Posted by acton
nobody can solve this problem, its a bug,expect the soft update

Posted by StevenC
It is a bug. On my G705 also it was stuck on Off. But in fact is was on.

Now for your problem it cannot charge in the car. It is not because of that. You just got the wrong cable (it will not charge in the car with the supplied data cable). You can buy a fastport charging cable from ebay for cheap.

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